AWD option for the new Transit Van series

By Ryan H.

I can't wait for the new Transit Van's to become available! The one option that I have not seen any mention of is an All Wheel Drive option. This would be a great addition and very popular! It is the one thing that GMC and Chevrolet vans have had up on the E-Series. They offered them and they sold.
For many parts of the country, AWD is a must have. Come on Ford, give us the option of AWD on the new Transit series!!! Please, please, please, please!
Chris 11/06/2014
We go to a lot of dog shows and drive an old "Turban Suburban. We are remodeling our 1963 home and living in Colorado and hit the ski slopes as well. We would buy a Transit xlt but no awd. The search for a replacement vehicle goes on.
phil 11/02/2014
the momet i can get an Awd/Diesel Transit i will order 2. One cargo and one passenger.
Rob Taylor 10/27/2014
I want a transit van but it must have awd. please ford as awd is available on the transit in other markets.
Colin 10/01/2014
Hi. I live in the UK and we now have the new Transit. It has Awd as an option so it may come stateside soon. Don't forget we drive on the "right" side of the road so engineering it for right hand drive may have come first and you fellers get it a bit later. I can't see Ford missing sales in the snow belt.
Steve 08/20/2014
Add my vote for an AWD version of the Ford Transit.  I live in Minnesota and have driven a RWD E-150 for years, but it is terrible on snow or ice.  I'd trade in my E-150 and buy an AWD Transit in a heartbeat if it were available.  C'mon, Ford, help us out here!
John F 08/14/2014
I have been waiting for a new AWD van since the VW syncros of the1980’s. I want a short wheel base AWD diesel with 5 passenger seating and a low range option. I live in northeast Ohio and deal with a 40 minute commute in heavy snow all winter long, lots of camping & out of state trips plus light construction projects. Here’s a long shot but I would like a manual transmission also!
Mitchel Ahern 08/05/2014
I'd have swapped my aging AWD Honda Element (no longer made) for an AWD Ford Transit, if only there was such a thing. Even in Mass and upstate NY, AWD makes a huge difference in winter driving.
Sally T 07/14/2014
I too would definitely buy a Transit Connect if only it had all wheel drive. Please consider this option.
Kristin M 06/21/2014
I am a mom and adventurist!  I live in Minnesota.  I need an flexible all wheel drive minivan!  I haul kids, bikes, skis, drywall, furniture, small motorcycles, etc.  I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan that I am scared to drive up hills in snow.  I love how wide the back doors open on the Transit Wagon and all the stuff I could haul.  I WON'T buy one unless I can get all wheel drive.  I would love to get one of these and possible turn it into a small camper too.  Please help!  The only AWD minivan on the market is a Toyota Sienna.  Not what I need or want.  You already make them for the European market, why can't you give us the option to order one at least???????  Please???  This is what I want and need.  
jack g 05/19/2014
love my Ford F150 4x4 ... and would love an awd Transit as a campervan ...  but i will spend the dough for the mercedes sprinter 4x4 in 2015 as i dont want to wait given the lack of news outlook from Ford.  i'm in canada ... where rain, snow, ice and hills make 4x4 a priority 
jeb 03/17/2014
Looks like I will be buying the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 come 2015, too bad Ford has chosen not to make the AWD Transit available to the US consumer, bad move.
Steve 01/12/2014
I'd love an all wheel drive Transit Connect Wagon! It would essentially eliminate the new Chevy Colorado as competition for my next vehicle...
RONALD B 01/05/2014
Looks like Sprinter will have an AWD this year. Would rather buy a Ford but if they are not available we have no choice.
Miranda G 10/15/2013
Would you please include the all wheel drive option on the Ford Transit here in North America? I have a very active lifestyle and this would be the perfect vehicle for me to haul road, track, mountain bike, kayak and camping gear yet be able to work great for household and work projects. It could also tow my aero lightweight fiberglass egg shaped travel trailer off the beaten path. I really don't want to purchase the archaic and less efficient Chevy Express/gmc Savana all wheel drive van nor spend $10,000 to modify a van to 4 wheel drive when oem awd will do.
Kari Lahtonen 09/03/2013
I just came back from my 10 day vacation in Europe and there were new style vans everywhere. Ford transit looked great, as did Opel, and french manufacturers vans. wer are so far behind in designs, with our box looking ones??? I'd buy a new Ford Transit (full size) van with diesel and AWD right now, if we had them here!!! Bring them here, as you did with smaller Transit Connect models! It would be my first Ford here!
D Francis 08/14/2013
If its offered in Europe why not here when they start selling them this year.
greg e 07/30/2013
I would buy a Ford AWD Transit if Ford made one. Perfect toy box for my skies, road and mnt bikes!
Tom N 03/17/2013
Need to bring the Tourneo Custom to the USA which style and interior space!! People are looking for space which Explorer doesn't offer . Just dissolve the Flex which doesn't sell ....
Lee E 02/17/2013
I completely agree, please give the option of AWD/4WD on the new Transit and Transit Connects.
Kedric M 02/08/2013
I think the "transits" look ridiculous, and you couldn't pay me to drive one.
Jeffrey Z 02/01/2013
ABSOLUTELY!! I'm a Vermonter, and vans without 4WD are nearly helpless up here. There are many guys here that wish they could find an old FedEx van for their 4WD. You really should offer it, you're really missing the boat up here.