AWD Mustang

By Ryan S.

Team SVT/ about an AWD Mustang All models?
Nestor R 09/09/2012
Aside from the price, weight, and efficiancy disadvantages an AWD Mustang will also suffer from more drivetrain loss meaning you're putting down even less power than the engine's making. That paired with the extra weight is gonna slow you down even with more power. As for handling, I'd think the system would be similar to the Subaru WRX STI's in which case lateral acceleration, and curb-to-curb turning diameter suffers.
Danni T 08/30/2012
The Mustang is a RWD sporty coupe, that's just what it is. While Ford/Lincoln do need to come out with some kind of AWD sporty car (more than the Taurus SHO) it should never be called Mustang. A similar suggestion to modernize and overhaul the Mustang came a generation ago. It was called Probe. Who remembers that car fondly? *crickets*
Joseph Z 08/21/2012
Ken is right about the price and weight going up with AWD, but I think while the Mustang is fun to drive it is lacking in utility. I had just enough money to buy one car and I bought a '06 Mustang GT. I love that car but in the winter and rain it can be a real pain. I see AWD as not only an optional solution to the extremely traction limited 650hp Shelby but for average drivers of the east coast and midwest that would like to drive their favorite car regardless of the weather.
Richard R 08/15/2012
When you have a 5.0L GT or a 5.8L Shelby GT500 and you drive it is amazing how powerful are those RWD pony's. We modified them for MORE power and it feels awesome. These cars are amazing V8 cars but it's time for REAL innovation. An unique piece of art in the American Muscle world. It's time for a new era and show to the world who really is the pioneers of POWER. It's time to enter to the world of SUPERCARS. It's time to create a Super American Muscle car, an AWD Ford Mustang SVGT. If a RWD 5.0L and 5.8L Mustang delivers an impressive power just imagine an AWD? A solid All-Wheel Drive axel Mustang the better. This will be called the New American Muscle Era. It's time to be a little bit more modern but that doesn't mean that the RWD will be deleted but hey just imagine an 800hp AWD Ford Mustang 6.5L SVGT with 16 MPG City/25 MPG Highway. One word: EPIC. SVGT is an optional model name.
Wiw S 08/11/2012
AWD is not a bad thing (I think it's great for a sedan or sport coupe), but the Mustang has rear-wheel-drive in its DNA. RWD is a pivotal component of performance cars like the Mustang. If you're interested in agility and tight turns (like in Rally Racing) an AWD Focus or Fiesta would be your machine.
Ken O 07/10/2012
Price and weight will go up, fuel mileage will go down. It out performs everything in its price range. If its not broken dont fix it. The longer the mustang keeps a solid rear axle the better.