awd mustang

By Josh W.

please #1 do NOT make the mustang be smaller again, its perfect how it is, and the compacted mustang with no V8 is just going to ruin such a great thing. also please make a limited edition (ecoboost 5.0) AWD mustang. do a boss 302, gt500 and awd mach 1. it would be ridiculous expensive to develop but think about how amazing it would be. i bought a 5.0 explorer today, a 2000 and lightened up, with an extra 200 hp from h/c/i maybe some boost, and that awd will hook like crazy. made me want it to be a foot shorter, a two door and look like my fox body. i'm a business owner and working my way up to a nice new mustang w/ ecoboosted 5.0! + awd would be awesome. but not EVERY mustang be awd........
Pete P 05/14/2012
For those that do not want an AWD Mustang stick to tradition! Those of us that would buy one in a heart beat please keep chiming in. I for one need an AWD car and for that reason I will not be purchasing a Mustang. I can't afford multiple cars! I'd have to believe besides for tradition sake an "AWD Mustang" would be killer!
Alec s 05/08/2012
AWD would kill the mustang
Clint C 04/09/2012
The Mustang adheres to classic American muscle car formulas. AWD is a not part of that formula.
Michael R 04/06/2012
The Mustang needs to be lighter for performance and fuel economy. If you want AWD, I suggest driving the front wheels electrically. It would help launch performance and could help fuel economy somewhat through regenerative braking. Bias it for performance by using a small lightweight battery or supercapacitor.
Dale C 03/03/2012
I just posted my ideas on an AWD Mustang before I saw yours! While some of my angles are different on details, the bottom line is AWD would be a fantastic option to an entire line of buyers who don't buy Mustangs because they're not so good in the snow.
Daniel M 03/02/2012
The Mustang is already the lightest muscle car out there at the moment. Definitely lighter than the Challenger, and the Camaro as well as far as I know. It also seems to handle the best (The Boss 302 will destroy the other muscle cars on the track).

As for the whole "AWD Mustang", I could not disagree more. One of the most important aspects of the Mustang is tradition. It is a muscle car. Muscle car's are RWD. I am not saying you could see performance benefits from an AWD system, but lets keep the Mustang true to American Muscle. Maybe Ford should design a new performance car with AWD capabilities, and then keep the Mustang RWD.
Brad K 02/26/2012
Today's Mustang is a BIG car. I think it could stand to be more efficient in its packaging. Sacrifice some rear seat space if you have to. The next generation Camaro will be shrinking and be a pretty fierce competitor. Mustang needs to lighten up too to stay ahead of the game!