AWD Mustang

By M S.

Why not make an AWD version of Mustang to make it a practical every-day driver in northern climates? I would buy one if kept reasonably within the pricing range...
Todd E 04/19/2012
Mustang has plenty of brand extensions with the BOSS, Shelby, more brand extension won't hurt.
John Bland 05/21/2011
I don't its out of place at all. I say AWD Mustang is about time! The Mustang is phenomenal for RWD but when compared to another RWD competitor; however, it comes up short when compared to other competitors AWD sports cars. To Move Mustang forward it should have all weather traction in any climate globally, better performance and more control, and not as much power is needed should mean better fuel efficiency as well it essence it makes sense.
Eric 10/31/2010
Eh, I don't know, it would be a bit out of place to make the Mustang AWD. I'd rather see a sportier version of the all wheel drive Fusion.