AWD Fusion EV

I live in a harsh weather environment. If I'm going to buy a sedan, it has to have AWD. I was very interested in buying the Fusion plug-in hybrid when it comes out but if it doesn't come w/AWD, it's not an all-season car...I hope you make it AWD & I'm likely in.
Neil K 01/02/2013
This would probably lower the true EV range quite a bit. It would run the batt down too quick.
Juston P 12/28/2012
I agree. I'm 31 and want a plug in hybrid with AWD for the same reason. Honestly I would prefer an even smaller plug in hybrid AWD like a Fiesta especially if the center console could be delegated for a simple tray with cup holders, change dish, phone dock, and wallet cubby. More room for the legs please FORD!
Jeff T 12/26/2012
I am getting a Fusion Energi Titanium, but I would have paid more to have it w AWD. I feel that AWD is a big safety plus in any amount of snow and I it adds a lot of weight in my buying decision.