AWD Ford Focus

I work as a salesman for a Ford & Lincoln dealership and I always have people email, call, or ask me "why doesn't Ford make the Focus all wheel drive?" Perhaps there isn't a large enough market to support an AWD Focus but I'm sure this could be done! Ford has the technology. The people here in the Appalachian region of the U.S. want an American made $25,000 AWD compact car that achieves 30+ mpg's or as close to it as possible. The Fusion was once close to this back when AWD was an available option on the SE. A certain Japanese competitor that I shall not name has proven that this is a profitable car and they have done this with a boring sluggish ride and less than 30 mpg's. Rural America doesn't want to be forgotten. We need our 4X4/ AWD's for our commutes to work during our snowy winters and hilly terrain. If an AWD Focus is a bad idea then I would love to be proven wrong! I will keep wishing for now...
John 07/25/2014
You want an awd, 6 speed, turbo Focus? You must be living in a dream world. There is no way that you will ever see that in North America. Next thing you know, you'll be asking for it to be a 3 door with mechanical locking differentials. 
ryschult1 07/25/2014
Living in Colorado I'd love an AWD Ford Focus.  With how many Subaru Imprezza's and Audi A3's you see flying up and down the mountains here, I know an AWD Focus would be a hot car in Colorado.  I'd love to see Ford bring one to market.  Automatic and manual.  Ecoboost would be a plus.
Kevin H 07/23/2014
AWD Focus RS please.
Jesse L 06/24/2014
AWD Focus with the 2.3l Ecoboost! Offer a performance pack like for the Mustang. I will be selling my car and buying one when you do. The new WRX/STi is stale and ugly. The Evo is built terribly. My Cobalt was put together better. There are no other alternatives right now. People buy the WRX because its the only option.
Ed 06/18/2014
Cheapest Awd vehicle ever produced is the Suzuki SX4. I am seriously contemplating one. They went bankrupt in the US from producing it because it was so underpowered and cheap. Hey Ford, if you can hear me, if your going to target a group of consumers interested in sports cars they do not want Fwd. Not hard to understand from a marketing perspective. 
Kevin 06/01/2014
Wife and I will be buying a new impreza for the combination of all wheel drive and manual transmission. We've driven the focus and like it's styling and ride, but you don't make what we want. And this trend of only offering manuals on front wheel drive cheap versions of your cars and trucks with available all wheel drive is insulting. It's like you have no respect for American drivers.
Kevin D 02/25/2014
Subaru is gaining traction (no pun intended) in Northern Michigan for its reliability, selling point, and standard awd boxer engine. Perhaps Ford doesn't see it as competition, but Subaru is constantly among the best rated vehicles amonst multiple reviewers.
Brian M. 02/20/2014
If they make a new RS, it better be AWD or it will be a dud. Think about it, who would buy an RS when they can get an ST for 10k less? I have an ST right now, and the only way I would upgrade to an RS is if it was a true upgrade. 10k more for the same car with slightly more power and maybe a little stiffer suspension really isn't worth it.
francois F 02/20/2014
Pretty sad that Ford cannot make an all wheel drive car with a manual transmission. Miss my 95 Escort cosworth. No 4 wheel drive Focus and an all wheel drive fusion with automatic tranny only.I guess that will be one more customer for Subaru despite the fact that I would rather buy a Ford.
Rich 01/24/2014
live in the mountains of Montana and commute 120 miles round trip four days a week. Have suv's available but need a gas mizer. Studded snows on 2007 Fusion but it is not awd. Need the Focus as Ford is the only new vehicles I will consider.
G. Zooka 01/17/2014
Proposal: 4wd Focus ST with a 2.3L ecoboost (300 hp) - no one will buy the wrx anymore.How about it Ford?
Jeremy Electronic 12/12/2013
I have a down payment for a 2-door, manual transmission, AWD Focus hatch whenever you guys decide you want to take back some market share from Mitsubishi and Subaru.  Hell, it doesn't even have to be turbocharged!
aspen h 11/16/2013
plz plz make a ford focus rs rear wheel drive you would sell millions for rallying and make sure to sell them in the USA.
John Manson 09/17/2013
Please Ford; please make a manual AWD Focus ST and sell it in Canada. I can't live knowing I'll have to buy another WRX next year.
Chris M 09/04/2013
If Ford comes out with AWD Focus ST, it will be my next new car.
Tim 08/26/2013
I'm with Andy. I love my Subaru, but I would have (at the very least) strongly considered buying a Ford Focus awd. I would like to buy an American car, but no one makes an affordable, good gas mileage, awd hatchback.
bruce 04/13/2013
I drove a SVX for 17 years and sorely miss the weight of the AWD. The flat six made up for it yes, but the ability to power thru almost any storm is something I wish my 2012 Ti hatch had. Wouldn't the underpinnings of a new escape fit?
john l 03/03/2013
Fcous ST + AWD = AMAZING! If you make it, I will buy it!
Cary N. 02/14/2013
Ford is supposed to be an american company!! So why is that they build the best performing fiesta's and focus's for the oversea's market and not for the hardworking americans. I think most american's would love to see some affordable performance cars from an american company. I would love to own an RS focus or fiesta with AWD. With the growing popularity of Rallycross and Rallycar racing in america i Think ford should build these factory performers for us here in the USA and not just for the good people overseas c'mon Ford I would hate to have to buy an affordable factory performer from a foreign car maker.
Andy 01/12/2013
I'm about to trade in my wife's Yaris for something w/ AWD. We love the Yaris for it's fuel economy, but it doesn't handle the New England winters all that well. I've had my fingers crossed for years now that the states would be treated to the AWD Focus of Europe. I would love to buy a American made car but you still have yet to give us this car in the States. So like most of the people faced w/ this issue, I am going to buy a Subaru. Sorry but you missed out Ford.
Paul A 11/29/2012
I agree! - I have a WRX and would be proud to drive an American car, but you have to be willing to step up to the plate and make something that performs and handles BETTER than the competition.
Why Better? - They've already earned their reputation with the public, if you want to gain new customers or old ones back, you have to beat the best, and take the crown. Mid-sized AWD cars with turbo charged engines are a blast!
MSP82 11/24/2012
Got excited when I saw a commercial for a 2013 Focus "Winter Edition" here in MN. Of course, I was then let down when I went online I found that it didn't have AWD. Very disappointing. Have a 2007 focus that I'm thinking about upgrading and would've loved to replace it with a new AWD Focus. Guess I'll have to look at Impreza's and used A3's... C'mon Ford, give us the good stuff!
Mark R 10/03/2012
The best stuff from Ford should be available right here in the U.S.A. Why should we envy what an American car company is delivering to other countries around the world.
Patrick W 08/29/2012
I just tried to "Build & Price" a 2013 Fusion with AWD and found that this is currently only possible in Titanium trim. I have no interest in paying $6,500 for a stereo and "bright exhaust tips", but I need a new vehicle before Winter. If the SE is available with AWD by mid-November, I will very likely buy one; otherwise I guess I will need to go with a Subaru.
Bob Muecke 08/27/2012
Well, I wanted a Focus Titanium until I found I couldn't get it in all wheel drive for life in the muddy construction sites and mountainous terrain of East Tennessee. No Sale Ford! :(
Clarky2o2o 08/16/2012
I would like to see proof of why it cant be done as on a largescale. also make it AWD in sedan, Hot Hatches are ugly
Matt W 08/14/2012
A Ford Focus RS would be my ideal car. If the new Focus ST was AWD, I would choose this over a WRX in a heartbeat. An RS AWD with a bit more power would be superb.
Chris H 08/07/2012
I agree with this 100%. I'm looking for a sporty compact car, but I won't touch anything that doesn't have a 6-speed manual transmission nor AWD. The Focus ST looks like a beautiful car.. 250hp, 6 speed... but it only comes in FWD!? Common now.
Charlie 06/05/2012
If it doesn't have AWD, I can't get it up my driveway. I want a Focus. I'll buy an Impreza.
Charles G 04/17/2012
No Market for this? Who is doing the market research for Ford? They might want to find a new line of work.
Steve 03/28/2012
AWD Focus/Fiesta with turbocharger would be awesome. I'd definitely consider buying that.
Luke 03/14/2012
I'm looking for a car now and really want to get a Ford since they're basically all I've driven since I was 18 and I love their handling. Unfortunately, the Focus is their most attractive car right now besides the Mustang but I won't be getting either because of the lack of an all-wheel drive option. I'm not sure why they haven't done this yet. Granted this past winter saw minimal snowfall, who's to say we won't need it for the coming winter!??! I would get one in a heart beat and would get one for my wife as well!!! Focus could be the car of the future if it did this!!!!
Marcus S 03/02/2012
agree... please!
Marcus S 03/02/2012
Definitely agree with this suggestion...
Bruce Gorman 02/23/2012
I wish there was a $35k awd focus sedan with a 6mt and a turbo 4 making anything more the 287 hp and 290 lbs/ft tourque. I'd get one in a heartbeat. i think sales would be great! $25k Focus ST, $35k Focus RS... Let's see it Ford, I'd even take it in black...
SVT Cobra Fanatic 02/22/2012
I'd love to see a 2013 Focus ST with All Wheel Drive for my wife. I drive a SVT Cobra myself but refuse to drive it in even snow for that matter. It's not made for it - parially due to the type of tires and power it has. My wife has a small 5 dr right now. When it's paid for I'd definately prefer a Focus ST 5dr w/All Wheel Drive. Ford is the leader in the automobile business - both here in the US and abroad. I've seen the numbers. Ford offers the Fusion now with All Wheel Drive as well as the Taurus SHO w/Ecoboost. I foresee a huge profit if Ford goes with a Focus to compete with cars like Subaru, which I won't buy
Peter Schultz 02/02/2012
This is a brilliant idea. We'll have to stick with our Subaru (like a pile of other folks from Minnesota) until this issue gets addressed. The winters in the High Plains demand AWD. Our car is a Ranger (that I love), and we'd love to be a pure Ford family. But not at the price of safety. AWD Focus = pure gold.
Sean C. 01/02/2012
I am looking to purchase a new vehicle in 2012. I currently own a Subaru & live in the Pacific Northwest where AWD is an extremely useful feature (esp for us snowboarders/skiers). Right now my choices are down to purchasing another Subaru & was also looking at the 2012 Ford Focus. Not having an AWD option for the Focus is pretty much a deal breaker at this point. I really like what Ford has done with the Focus...if it had an AWD option I would seriously consider it over another Subaru (and this is coming from a very satisfied Subaru owner for last 9 yrs). Like others have stated: Ford please consider adding AWD to the Focus! [there is a market awaiting]
M Hook 12/29/2011
I would buy one in a heartbeat. I am looking for a small American made AWD hatchback or wagon that is short enough for me, a middle aged woman, to throw my kayak on top. Large enough to get my bike inside without taking off the front wheel. And roomy enough to take a couple of friends up skiing. It looks like it is down to a subaru outback - but even that has grown and is too tall, plus I'd rather buy American. Come on Ford. Fill the void.
Tyler Deutsch 12/15/2011
I understand that the Mustang is an American Icon, and that Ford may not want to create in house competition. That's why we don't have the probe anymore, right? Ford may also believe that the Mustang is enough to keep the performance enthusiast satisfied. However, those of us that live in rural snowy areas, have families, or just cant justify buying a mustang just for fun will disagree. Why do all the more practical fun cars get stuck overseas. I mean, I want a small awd turbo rally car, or a mid-side rwd V8 or Turbo 6 family sedan. My blood runs Ford blue and it always has, but I cant get what I want most from the auto maker I was raised to love! I HATE that Ford America is teasing me by dangling the Focus RS500 and the Australian Falcon over my head.

Come on Ford, do you even care?? Get with the program. Also, it would be nice if we could here from "Ford" so it doesn't just seem like we're all just talking ABOUT the company instead of TO the company.
Jason 11/14/2011
About time!
Jon 11/13/2011
I would buy an AWD Focus tomorrow if one came out. Sadly, my next new vehicle will be a Subaru. The big 3 has supported me and my family for the last 35 years, I have been waiting for a sporty AWD possibly turbo small car, and the closest any of them came was the Eagle Talon. It was built with a Mistubishi engine... The same engine platform that is still available today in the Evo. Someone in Europe send me a Ford Escort Cosworth. That would make me happy.
Ivan Nenov 11/01/2011
+1. wake up ford!
Sean 10/07/2011
I am ready to trade in my Mitsubishi Evo for an american awd, turbo hatch. Tell Ford to stop dragging their feet. The market is there. Not only is it there it is full of mainly people that drive Japanese cars and bad mouth ford.

They would be stealing sales from Japanese competitors as well as significantly changing thousands of peoples perceptions of Ford.

I own a Mitsubishi Evo and I stay loyal to them by owning a Mitsubishi Sportback as my daily. I would sell both and quickly hop to Ford if the focus or fiesta RS was brought stateside.
Sean 10/07/2011
I am ready to trade in my Mitsubishi Evo for an american awd, turbo hatch. Tell Ford to stop dragging their feet. The market is there. Not only is it there it is full of mainly people that drive Japanese cars and bad mouth ford.

They would be stealing sales from Japanese competitors as well as significantly changing thousands of peoples perceptions of Ford.

I own a Mitsubishi Evo and I stay loyal to them by owning a Mitsubishi Sportback as my daily. I would sell both and quickly hop to Ford if the focus or fiesta RS was brought stateside.
Tim Sweet 09/27/2011
I get an average of 28 mpg in my WRX STI and still have way over the stock 300 horsepower. It's not only doable but is proven. I think they're worried about the mustang's 0-60 may be beat.

I embarrass a great deal of performance cars with my ecobox. If Mulally was to cut his pension a bit then maybe they'd have the money to make something cool.
dan 08/30/2011
im sooo ready to trade in my STI when ford pulls their heads out of you know where. and like the post above said its a slap in the face when americans want an all wheel drive vehicle with plenty of hp but ford (the only american car company i would buy currently) wont kick down and give us what we want. whats the point of letting us post ideas if your "brass" at the top keeps shooting it down.?? come on ford give us an all wheel drive focus thats BETTER than the STI OR EVO and we WILL COME BACK TO AMERICAN made cars !! you simply arent giving us the option ... !!! you have the technology just do it already !!
Wayne LaPort 08/14/2011
I agree i think there may be a market for a AWD Focus,my daughter works nights and we are in Northern NY and snow storms are a pain as the county plow trucks may plow the road once a night if its not to big of a storm or maybe 3 times,unless its a blizzard and its a bit hilly country ,I know she would love a Focus AWD she would feel a whole lot Safer also.
Derek Poston 08/11/2011
The big issue here isn't that they don't want to do it, it's a matter of weight and performance. Ford most likely wants to avoid the "boring sluggish ride" and huge MPG decreases from impacting the Focus. When you add AWD, you have incredible power losses, which you can see with the Fusion Sport in AWD trim. However, this might be a good idea for a Lincoln model, because Ford would be able to put in a bigger engine to balance out the weight and power losses while still being able to justify it costing more than $30k.
Robert Hollar 08/11/2011
Im still waiting, i have 10k ready for a down payment whenever ford wants to wake up.
Chris Kline 08/09/2011
Exactly!! Bring the RS to the USA. To not have it here but elsewhere in the world is a real slap in the face! What is the possible rational behind that? Seriously it is the only Ford I have be interested in in the last 20 years and the only one I would seriously consider buying AND make it AWD for God's sake!! I mean it's like you guys don't want to make money. I mean your finally not making your interior like a b