AWD Ford Focus ST

I think if ford dont want to put AWD in the standard Focus Models, Atleast put it in the ST and RS performance models. Even with the nice increase of power for both models, if you can't get traction then its useless like the GT500. The ST in america will be in competition with the WRX STi and Lancer EVO 8, wich both of those models will out perform the ST on the track because of there AWD systems. if ford wants to be on top, then they should get the AWD system in the ST and RS then beat the top competitors in its class.
justin 06/20/2012
Ford should offer all there vehicle with your choice of AWD and standerd or auto trans.
Matthew W 04/05/2012
They need to make all the Focus models available in AWD. Even if we aren't talking about making a competitor against the EVO and the STi (which ford should totally do) we are talking about real life in the great Northwest, where AWD vehicles are a decessity. Subaru rules the roost in the Northwest for any 4cyl vehicle because you can get them in AWD. The Focus has grown in popularity here in North Idaho, but will never scrape the surface of it's potential until it is available in a snow shredding AWD version.
Bill P 02/29/2012
What about offering the Focus ST Wagon in 2013!? Ford is missing the boat on many things "Focus".
Bruce Gorman 02/23/2012
Ford should keep the Focus ST FWD because it's competitors are the MAZDASPEED3 and the Civic Si. To compete with the Sti and Evo, Ford should make an AWD sedan and call it the Focus RS. Beef up the engine to 290 hp and 290 lbs/ft torque with and MSRP of $35,000 and they'd have a winner. With WRC drivers like Ken Block and Tanner Foust driving "AWD Fords" and actually switching from Subies, I really think they have a market here in the states. Let's see it!
George Brower 02/10/2012
I agree I'd like to see more AWD performance versions in all the Ford line-up. From the Fiesta , Focus, Fusion and dare I say it...even the Mustang someday.