AWD Focus ST

By Ryan D.

I want to see an AWD Focus ST. I would consider giving up my Subaru if Ford made one.
Fred O 02/27/2014
I would love an ST (or an RS) with awd. I'm looking the 2015 wrx, wrx sti, Audi S3, and have always loved the ST. I drive a lot in Maine and NH in the winter, and the thing that disqualifies the ST for me is no awd. I would definitely consider buying one if you made it.
Victoria I 05/22/2013
Would LOVE to see an AWD model!! Please keep the four doors though. I hate two door cars...everyone wants to ride with me when I only have two doors. :)
John B 03/02/2013
Yes AWD Focus please and 2 door ! For the love of christ, why must Euro Focus get the only 2 door focus.
Giles B 02/22/2013
Development wouldn't cost much since the Escape is built on the same platform and has the same powertrain.
Darien W 01/24/2013
There are two things I like about my current car: it is light weight and it has no traction control; therefore I easily get cheap thrills. Everything else is a disappointment: can't take it to the mountains, I have to baby the throttle in the rain, it has 4 doors and is sporty to anyone 40 or up. As soon as I graduate college, I'm buying a MANUAL sports coupe or an AWD sedan. The best of both worlds would can have a couple thousand more. I'd love it to be a ford if such an option existed.
brad a 01/05/2013
Is there a conversion available? Don't the Rally race teams convert them to AWD?
Zach P 01/02/2013
There is absolutely nothing wrong with front wheel drive, let alone the amazing system on the ST. The added cost of an unnecessary AWD system and its extra differential would add too much weight (slowing the car down), and would increase the price 2-4 grand, effectively pricing the car out of its target market. I doubt that the new focus platform was even designed to house a second differential anyway, so this is actually quite a stupid proposition no offense Ryan D. What we NEED here ford, is a focus ST Wagon!!!
Vincent C 01/02/2013
Limited slip diff would be cheaper/easier alternative but +1 for this idea too!
Peter B 01/02/2013
Ryan, that is a great idea! I was thinking the same thing because all that HP behind a FWD drive car just doesn't give you the same performance as well as an AWD car. If ford would make this car AWD, I think they can take a lot of market share from Subaru and Mitsubishi.