AWD Focus ST (SVT)

By Carl W.

Need more be said? Built that new Focus AWD for those of us who want better performance on and of the pavement! I'm from Michigan! We have dirt roads and ice so we would love the AWD SVT Focus!
Dan C 07/23/2014
Rear-bias AWD is the way to go, especially with talk of a 330 hp RS model in the works. 
Kevin H 07/03/2014
I would already own a Focus or Fiesta ST if it was awd...
Brian M. 02/21/2014
I have an 2013 ST right now. Saw that some Fusions have AWD and thought about hopping to that, however I just love my performance hatch too much. Had a bad time in the snow recently with the summer tires, so I may have to jump to another brand. I am holding out on any RS news. If it comes out here in the U.S. I will jump to it immediately IF it has AWD. No point in upgrading to the same car (not a true upgrade) with just a hair more power and tweaks in suspension tuning. If they do bring the car here as FWD, it will only be competing with the ST which makes no sense.
Eli B 12/19/2013
A Focus ST AWD is such a great option for us in Canada. Literally there is snow on the ground 8 months of the year here in Saskatchewan, car enthusiest's are limited to getting a Subie or Lancer for getting around, a fwd just doesn't cut it here! Please get a AWD setup on the ST!! :)
Hugo B 12/17/2013
I was quite baffled when I learned that FORD wasn't making any AWD Focus, not even the powerful ST. In fact, I bought a Lancer GT AWC last year instead of a Focus ST, just because the Focus was FD only. Since I live in northern Canada, where it's winter 10 months a year, AWD is a must. Nothing can make me go back to RT or FD anymore. I don't mind if my next car runs on gas or electricity , as long as it's AWD.
jay p 11/30/2013
Can only make a great drivers car better.
Chris M 09/04/2013
People buy AWD Evo's and STI's and WRX's all the time. There is definitely a market here.
Doug B 03/31/2013
FoMoCo your officially on notice, I will be buying a new "daily driver", get around town car early next year and as a 25 year Mustang guy I would very much like to keep it in the family. The Focus ST is about 80% of what I want w/ the last missing 20% being AWD. W/ the debut of the new WRX I would be inclined to go in that direction if the '14 Focus ST does not include an AWD option.
James S 03/24/2013
Yes Ford and SVT team, please give us an AWD Focus ST! Stuff in the 3.5L EcoBoost mill as well, and we'd all be in driving heaven. Or, how about 2.0L with an iron block and aluminum heads, running higher compression in conjunction with a larger turbo for 400hp stock?
Chris D 09/25/2012
you can drive a front wheel drive car in michigan with the snow i do it all the time
Paul M I would love the idea this would put the FOCUS ST in direct competition with the Golf R and WRX and Audi. The challenges are engineering to balance additional weight, performance, and mileage penalties with whether there is enough of a market niche to justify the build and cost. I thought about buying the Golf R here in PA but there are maybe one to two weeks out of the year that I could really use AWD. I ordered a FOCUS ST and plan to get a good set of winter wheel/tires for it.
Jonathan S 06/10/2012
Totally agree! they should make the new focus rear-wheel and all wheel drive editions
John W 06/08/2012
I don't see how Ford hasn't done this yet. Ford is based in MI so they clearly know the weather conditions.
I hate driving big cars, a Focus with AWD would be amazing, and then I wouldn't need to own two cars (one for summer, one for winter).