Automatic Trans for the Shelby

By John B.

I drive a 2005 GT premium 300 hp convertible I have always been a mussel car guy Now I want a Shelby 500 with a automatic transmission you see I got banged up pretty bad in Vietnam 40 yrs. ago an I can only drive with a. automatic transmission I love my GT but I really cant get a answer why the Shelby only comes with manual. That sucks because ford makes a select shift 5/6 speed auto . PUT THEM IN THE Shelby an we will be happy. I'm ready to pay the 50,000 for one now.
Larry Vance 01/15/2013
I agree, I have right arm problems myself, that said. a quick shifting/chirp the tires auto trans that hold all gears to the redline when floored with a great auto stick choice would be a great option.