American Made Fords

Make a more aggresive effort to use MORE domestic content in the bread and butter models sold in the US. Especially the Mustang, Focus, Escape, Explorer, Fusion, F150. Be committed to american workers making american products. Have marketing focus on this push. Get the word out on how many jobs you will create and how much money it will keep in our economy. Make Henry Ford proud...God rest his soul. Appeal to our patriotism! It will provide american jobs and get people to switch back to the Ford brand. People will pay a little more to buy American! I know I do already. We need to get rid of the "just buy the cheapest" mentality in our country. Bring back Made In The USA!
dominic p 04/19/2013
What's more American than a Ford truck? A Toyota Tundra.
What's the most American made car in America? A Toyota Camry.
I don't have a problem with Ford going to Canada because the workers are all part of the auto worker's union (CAW), which means the workers are trained, competent and treated fairly. As well, the environment is protected by Canadian industry standard's which I imagine would be in line with the US, and Canada is a large market for American vehicles. I have a problem when Ford starts building in Mexico and beyond where things aren't so organized and regulated It seems the intention is to not supply those other markets, but to build cheaply through labour costs and lack of environmental protection to supply the American/Canadian markets. This is the result of corporate greed and it's getting worse. I do believe Ford is starting to address this problem because they are bringing the transit to the US from Turkey. I'm not sure to what extent Ford is going to address this issue, but it would be nice to have Ford answer this question for us. As far as bailout money is concerned, Ford had already secured their loans prior to the recession hitting in 2008. GM and Chrysler didn't and once the recession hit the banks were no longer able to give out the money. Had Ford not secured that money they would have been receiving bailout just as well. GM at the time was investing their money in China building the world's biggest car factory, Ford was investing their money in Brazil building their most advanced car factory and I'm not sure what Chrysler was doing. Please correct me if I'm wrong. When it comes to committing to American/Canadian workers I believe Ford should take a page out of Toyota's book and "build where you sell." When it comes to the Mustang, F-150, etc... where the primary market is the US/Canada, they should be striving for 100% American/Canadian content. Certainly, anything across the ocean should stay there for that market and if anything Ford should be striving for exporting, not importing because a heathy American/Canadian market leads to higher auto sales.
Roger P 03/14/2013
I had not owned an American brand car in over 40 years but I now own a new Ford and love it.
Yes it cost more than others but I do pay for quality!
And the fact that Ford did not receive bail-out money when the other American auto companies did.