THE IDEA TITLE SAYS IT ALL. Why couldn't Ford apply your technology to an all wheel drive Mustang option? Don't tell me it is not affordable when you have already been selling GT 500s for the last few years approaching 55K in price. We know you have the technology and we know you can do it?
A loyal Ford owner for decades
T Sansoni
Charles B 08/15/2014
I have a Ford truck, and really, REALLY would love the option to drive a fun sports car here in Minnesota for more than 4 months a year.   You already have the AWD Tarus SHO....C'mon...Live a little. 

P.S. As far as price goes...Have you seen what everyone is charging for cars and trucks these days??   BMW has the 435i two door sedan and you can add the "X-Drive" option for just about $3k.   Make it an option and sell the heck out of 'em here in the great white north!!
austin b 06/16/2014
great idea awd mustang also a hard top convertible, i've own mustangs my whole life, there's no other car like a ford, and please bring back the ford explorer sport trac "please".
LowManEsquire 04/16/2014
It's all in the marketing! An all wheel drive Mustang would give consumers a reason not to buy a 4-wheel drive truck if they didn't really need a truck. Who sells more trucks Ford or the other manufacturers of AWD vehicles?
LowManEsquire 04/16/2014
Look how long it took to get 4-wheel independent suspension. It wasn't until Ford Mustang engineers realized that the Camaro was pulling away from the Mustang after each lap on the track and still they were reluctant. You'll be lucky to see an AWD Mustang by 2025. With the testing required and the fact that the parts suppliers would have to become engineers to (this is something you can't just grab a part off the shelf for), also the 2015 Mustang is not even out yet. AWD Mustang: 2025
LowMan Esquire 04/16/2014
Ford's engineers are just not able to do AWD in the Mustang that would be competive. The Mustang performance vehicles are already in a price range where AWD should be an option. Why should Ford offer AWD in the Mustang when buyers are willing to pay $40K to $60K for performance vehicles without it. Also American companies have this mindset that "If we didn't think of it first then it's no good" also a multinational company such as Ford does not see the U.S. market as being sophisticated enough to appreciated an AWD Mustang. If Mustang does go AWD it won't be here first. Probably overseas first. Straight Line Acceleration Forever!!!
Joe 03/04/2014
Living in a snow state; I am seriously considering trading in my mustang for an awd vehicle. If ford suddenly came out with an awd shelby; I would buy it tomorrow. Until then, I have to look at other awd sports cars.
michael s 02/09/2014
Its ridiculous ford doesnt make the new mustang all wheel drive. I realize it is more expensive but you are losing money in every place that has snow because people dont want to buy a rear wheel drive car. I also realize it takes away from the performance so you could make it able to switch from rear wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. You could also make it a package to get it all wheel drive. That way people dont have to get it all wheel drive. They can get it if they want it.
stephen 12/11/2013
Give it the ability to switch between rwd/awd. awd would be sports mode whilr rwd will give the driver a traditional mustang feel.
Joe C 10/09/2013
First of all, as a software engineer, it is hard to imagine a more broken and useless commenting system. Whoever is responsible for this software is an incompetent. Now, with that out of the way, yes, awd is a great option for performance and practicality. It delivers superior performance to rwd. It is no accicdent that it is used on the Porsche 911 Turbo, the Nissan GT-R, and the Lamborghini Gallardo / Audi R8. Acceleration is better, safety is improved, and it makes for a more practical car in cold weather climes such as found in the northern United States and Europe. Finally, the original post called for awd as an option. The failure of the critics in this thread to notice that detail speaks to their lack of attention to specifics. awd is superior (vastly) to rwd and should be available as an option for the high-output models. btw, oversteer can be made characteristic by biasing the power to the rear and setting up the suspension accordingly, if that's a concern.
Henry P 05/07/2013
AWD Shelby Supersnake will smash the Nissan GTR Once and for all!!!
Shane Chaney 08/10/2012
I would love an AWD option on the mustang. It needs to be an option so that people can still afford the basic models. And it should only be offered on high end GTs and GT500. Leave the BOSS to it's roots. But the mustang has been better than the Camaro/Challenger since they returned. This option would alow the Mustang to challenge cars in the range of the GT-R. Which American motor companys truely does not have.
Lee Henderson 01/25/2012
We don't need AWD for traction...mount the engine further behind the front axle center line. Mount the trans in the rear next to the axle. Voila more traction.
N. Rodriguez 12/20/2011
I really disagree with this idea, the Mustang has been a RWD vehicle forever now, and I belive the last thing anyone should do to the stang is make it an AWD sports car. RWD keeps a car lightweight, and through proper gearing, it'll handle just as well as any other AWD sports car, while also being more efficient, and cost effective.
Mary Jo Godard 11/03/2011
FWD would be perfect for the Mustang.
Matt Williams 11/02/2011
This would be a good option, but if I bought a mustang I would still want it to be rwd
matthew golat 11/01/2011
It's a solid idea. The pro are that this wheel eliminate wheelspin on take-offs (providing better acceleration) and provide better control. The only downside could be fuel economy, but who cares when you have a Mustang... Fuel economy is important, but I love performance. I still say that Ford should just shut Camaro/Corvette owners down, and make this stang invincible.
Medford Motors 11/01/2011
You should take a Taurus SHO for a ride. It will blow away a V6 Mustang.