Adventure Truck: Diesel Ranger

By Ryan D.

I am a rock climber, fisherman, builder of small cabins, golfer, music promoter, that lives in the country and needs to haul firewood, dirt, trees, lumber, and all my outdoor adventure gear. I need a truck. SUV's don't cut it. I also dont need anything huge, nor do I want to spend all the money and consume all the gas of an F150 (no offence). Please please please do what the other companies are doing and bring back the Ranger with a smaller diesel engine, like Chevy's 2.8L Duramax® Turbo-Diesel in the Colorado.
Phil B 08/16/2014
I had an 86 Ranger. I kept it for years with great service. I like this idea too but I would like it to be at least the size of the Tacoma with a motor with good torque and horsepower. I hate it when trucks down shift to 3rd just to get up the hill.
Justin M 08/15/2014
Bring both a diesel Ranger and add a diesel to the F150.
Harry J. H 07/16/2014
YES, Ford, listen to your loyal ford fans. I'm on my 5th ranger now, a '94 kingcab 4x4 , its got 169000 and still rolling but showing its age! I've been wanting and waiting for the new ranger to come to the United States, so to replace my '94. Can't figure out what the hold up is. The other ranger is awesome in the quadcab because now I have two young ones and need the full back seat room. I've considered a diesel for the econ, but the eco-boost are strong running too. I had a F150 for a couple years back in '07, awesome truck, just too big for my needs. So, come on Ford, bring back the ranger in this new quadcab and I'll put my old girl rest and be first in line for a new one. Just don't wait too long! Harry 
David S 07/14/2014
Ryan is completely right! The ford family fans, have been begging Ford to build it with the right engine size and power train. Small enough to fit in a garage, and move down small streets. Up to date engineering, with bells and whistles. If Ford builds it people will buy it. Some of us just can't handle a big truck in our lives. We don't want a van without 4 wheel drive.
Customers are begging for Ford to keep up with the competition. Ranger was always a segment leader till they let it go. With gas so expensive, now is the time for diesel and eco-boost. This is not just me, but thousands of Americans saying this, bring it back. People who loved Ford Rangers will come back.