add 1.6 ecoboost to focus line

I'm bummed the 1.6 ecoboost didnt make it into the Focus lineup. As far as i know the 2.0 in the standard model isnt used anywhere else in the ford lineup. It seems counter to the Ford direction of global platforms and engines.

yes the ST has the 2.0 but its a little to agressivly styled and the fuel economy isnt there.

Also, the Focus should have had just a bit more rear legroom. i love the car but i ended up with a VW golf as it had more rear legroom and more power and torque, at a lower pricepoint. (althought the fuel economy isnt quite as good, which was a big consideration for me)

Either way it's a solid car.
Mark R 01/02/2013
That's too much car for the 1.6L. If you could trim 400 or 500 LBS that would be worth looking at.
James J 12/25/2012
I agree with the premise; I think the 1.6L EcoBoost should be standard on the Focus Titanium; if not standard make it an option as a Titanium Sport. It should be available with the 6 speed auto or manuel. This would make the Focus Titanium a true premium Focus with better performance but w/o the boy racer image of the ST. The Focus Titanium is a great look it just needs better performance to really separate it from the competition.
Jesse F 12/22/2012
They really should make the 1.6 an option for the Titanium trim Focus. Throw in the 6 speed manual from the ST and the handling package and you've got quite a fun but insurance friendly ride.