A new PICK me UP

By Bob S.

In addition to the great F150 pickup line and the dropping of the Ranger; how about a return to the basic, less expensive, "plain Jane" F100 style of pickups from the late 1960's?  A simple truck, small quantity runs, maybe using up the old F150 frames as Ford moves to Aluminum Construction.  Even having bench seating if possible.  I know retooling costs but in small runs, using older tooling and leftover parts,  one or two engine offerings (or maybe none--V8 only!),  it may still be profitable.  Our favorite farm truck was our 1971 Ford in that awful avocado green....but boy, what a truck, beat the hell out of our old Chevy.....the way it is meant to be.....
Marcus I 03/03/2014
New more strict government regulations on emissions and safety equipment prevent most, if not all of your idea from being practical for Ford. A 2015 cannot use 2014 parts because the 2014 parts do not meet the 2015 regulations, particularly with attention on braking distance, T.P.M.S, emissions, fuel economy, and airbags. You will recall the Ranger was dropped from the Ford lineup because of the impracticality of meeting ever more stringent regulations.

Also, Ford doesn't have giant warehouses full of F-150 frames. Lean manufacturing means warehouse quantities as low as possible.

Don't think that Ford doesn't hear the public cries. They just have to balance Big government with a public demand that doesn't agree.
Cy J 02/26/2014
I hope you wouldn't mind having some updated technology to go along with the retro look.