A New Ford GT

Ford has really outdone itself these past couple of years, notonly with fuel efficiency but with preformance as well. The GT 500 schools the ZL1 Camaro, as does the Mustang GT to the Camaro SS. It would appear that the only thing GM has over Ford now is the ZL1 Corvette.. Well there is a simple solution, the Ford GT!! It wrecked every and any Vette back in 2004-2006! Would it not be amazing to see the most amazing American car, with new amazing Ford tech, completly wreck Chevys ego?
Shaun W 08/09/2013
Its a great idea, and one I hope for every time I open my browser and search for it. Instead of supercharged they should use the twin turbo on a 5.8, and get HP close to 800 or more. Give GM a run for their money. P.s. Im pretty sure the Super Snake 1000 beats the ZR1
Ben S 12/19/2012
I'd love to SEE a new Ford GT, but that's just the thing. We'd all love to see a new Ford GT, but very very few of us will actually buy it, because most of us aren't earning 6 figures.