A Hatchback Mustang

A hatchback Mustang would be practical. It would be able to be lighter. It could be faster. The Mustang was meant to be useable, a daily driver, and a fast car. In 1965, fastback and hard top models covered those needs. A hatchback could do both, and still look sporty. Before you say, "it's not really Mustang!" look at the cars history. There have been Hatchback Mustangs before, (1984 S.V.O.) so why not now?
Ian B 12/23/2013
there have been hatchback mustangs, but they where UGLY and had absolutely no power
sandi 12/05/2013
sitting here looking out the window at the parking lot at work.br />A 2012 Mustang and Honda sitting side by side. The shape of the back is exactly the same.  What happened?When you saw a Mustang, you knew right away. no doubt it was a Mustang.my 2007 Mustang had the look and it was loads of fun to drive. Everytime I got into the car, I would think what a good looking carmy 2012 Mustang runs good & has lots of gadgets, butit isn't a very pretty car. The edges are not sharp like the old. the appeal of the Mustang is it is unique. Just like the Camaro and the Corvette.  You don't have to look twice to see what car it is.