I would like to say that as an auto enthusiast, Ford is and will always remain, the dearest auto manufacturer to me. I would imagine that in these tough economic times, profit margins of the auto industry constrict with each passing year. This poses profound uncertainty to the continued proliferation of the enthusiast's car. Surely I understand that vehicles like the Mustang (and all it's iterations), Focus RS (Euro), FPV Falcon, GT (legendary), Sierra Cosworth (pre-Focus), T-bird SC (very good moves back then even with missed weight target), Lightning (past), Raptor (present) and new Focus ST would not be possible without the bread and butter bottom-line that bring in the revenues. While I am saddened by the planned termination of your Australian vehicle production, the Falcon RWD platform is a splendid vehicle that America could use and must not be wasted. Despite what we the enthusiasts would ultimately like to see, the continued success of this beloved company takes center stage when I say that Ford, and to an even GREATER degree, Lincoln, NEEDs a proper mid-size and full-size RWD sedan. Dare I say that the only reason the Holden-sourced Pontiac G8 and GTO weren't more than they were in the market place is because of execution (goat) and the untimely death of Pontiac (G8). The excellence of the FPV Falcon F6 Typhoon, GT, and Boss 290 reimagined for the US market, and executed carefully, would allow Ford to effectively tap into the youth market above the Focus ST. Lincoln possesses first class luxury and refinement, however I dream of the day when they aim the proverbial "performance missle" at the likes of not only the "V", "M", and AMG, but at young adults to reclaim the total glory of many decades ago. The journalists maintain that the age of the manual car is nearing it's end. I can say that I weep inwardly (figurative) when I see a stick shift Pontiac G8 whose owner (like me with Mustangs) has tastefully and lovingly modified his vehicle with an agressive lowered stance, exhaust, heads, cams and the occasional supercharger. That car remains popular among young adults in their early to late 20's even as they eventually start families. An FPV sourced car could capitalize on America's renewed love for affordable performance luxury with RWD. A Ford occupying the low end, a mid-range Lincoln, and a Licoln heavy hitter to topple the world
Jason M 10/16/2013
Yes!!! I almost posted this myself, but figured I couldn't be the only one. I have no idea why this hasn't been done already.
That would be cool, fun car to have.
Aaron A 07/09/2013
I concur completely. This is a very well written idea. I don't care if you build it here in the US or in OZ. Please Ford, give us a Falcon. I drove for three hours to see these beautiful cars at Circuit of the Americas, and I'd mortgage my house to buy one if you sold it here.  And what if it were available with the monstrous motor from the GT500? You have the car, and you have the motor to destroy the new V series that will be hitting the market soon. Please, put them together and bring this car here!