A car the owner can work on

So I am sitting in the Ford dealership looking at a new Shelby Mustang in front of me, and started thinking, "it would be nice to have a car like we had as kids that we could work on."  I was remembering a friend that had a '68 mustang that we would tweak the carburetor, timing, etc. on to get it to run faster.  I miss those days and now that I have grown up and have money it would be nice to have that back.

So this would be a limited edition Mustang that would come with a diagnostic computer that the owner could use to adjust settings but also would have an electronic manual to show how to tune some items on the car.  It would be designed to encourage the installation of aftermarket parts and customization under the hood.  It would bring back the days of the muscle cars and the customized hot rods.

Even more, it might start to get kids back to playing around with cars and learning about how mechanical things work.  I think we have lost this with all the computers games today.

Anyway, that's my idea.
Lewis C 02/12/2014
This sounds awesome- a "tuner" mustang, but something that actually encourages mechanical knowledge of us younger people (im 17, 18 in a couple of months). I will (hopefully, I get in) be going to college to become a diesel mechanic, and although this isnt directly realted, it does seem like a good idea for other younger people to want to become engrossed in the workings of cars, as you said, too many of us (me included) play too many video games instead of doing the real thing (im talking cars, not killing lol)
Jason M 10/16/2013
The internet is your most important tool when working on newer vehicles. People repair and modify new vehicles everyday. You just can't refuse or be afraid to learn.

Unfortunately, your idea isn't viable with today's strict vehicle standards and to be honest, wouldn't sell as well as you think it would.
Todd B 10/16/2013
I think this is an excellent idea! You have no idea how many times i have said, "Man, you can't work on your own car anymore, you have to take it in for almost everything!".

Of course there are things you can do yourself, but they are the more boring things, the rootine things. I want a new car setup like a '67 Shelby GT500 Mustang. I can imagine there is a huge market for this.
Spitfire 10/14/2013
What a great concept! You are absolutely right about kids today and the computer age! Let's get back to the basics (the 50's - the 70's when things weren't so complicated).