8 speed automatic on all F-150 engines

By Erik S.

Ram trucks have beat Ford in fuel mileage with their Pentastar V6 and 8 speed automatic claiming 25mpg on the highway. Why don't we put 8 speed automatics behind all F-150 engines. We could then be potentially the most fuel efficient 1/2 ton truck across every category, V6 and V8. We could possibly be able to increase the tow rating on the trucks as well
Patrick M 01/06/2013
If you take a look at Dodge's 1500 line up, you can see that they only offer 1 truck with the projected 25 mpg. It is a 2 wheel drive short bed in single cab only. Not much offering for all they are claiming. Plus the $28,000 price tag in a huge turn off.
brad a 01/05/2013
I just read an article where Ford and GM are working together to design 10 speed auto trannys. Ford was doing their own 8 speed, but scrapped the project for the new one.
Neil K 01/02/2013
Can you even fathom the price of rebuilding an 8 speed trans. Oh my God that would be expensive. Their durability is already in question so i don't think adding moving parts is a logical solution.