7 or 8 speed "PDK" like option in 2015 Mustang

To increase performance and fuel economy, as well as driver experience, please consider introducing a PDK like, double clutch, transmission option with paddles. Allowing quicker, smoother, shifts and lower RPMs at highway speeds would allow for tremendous performance in gears 1-5 while still getting excellent highway fuel economy using gears 6-7 (or 8).
E T 05/22/2013
I am on my 5th Ford/Lincoln product and have always supported & defended Ford, especially during there brave choice not to take government help. I currently own GT/CS 5.0 Auto. Why if GM can put a paddle shifter on the 500+ hp ZL1/CTSV, why can't Ford do the same with a 5.0 420hp Mustang. Please Ford don't make me do the unthinkable and switch to GM. I need a shiftable auto for the occasional road course track use.