6.7 Powerstroke/ ZF 6-speed Mnaua

By Josh W.

Since the Ford Ranger WAS the last stick shift truck we die hard ford fans/supporters deserve a Ford manual transmission truck like the Ford Super Duty's ZF 6 speed OD Manual was my favortie transmission I want it back in the ford super duty where it belongs it makes driving the ford super duty funner, better fuel economy, easier on maintenace and repairs and cheaper on the purchase price with the 6.7 Powerstroke diesel or the 6.2 Gas engine but the ZF 6-speed OD manual is better off being the partner transmission with the 6,7 Powerstroke , Automatics are too expansive on repairs, use too much fuel, makes driving boring , etc.So Ford wake up and listen to your loyal customers/ fans like me and reoffer the ZF 6 Speed OD back in Ford F250-550 Super Duty Trucks , you owe us that your customers So Ford Please reoffer the ZF 6-speed Manual, there is still a DEMAND for it
mike millhorn 12/24/2011
not most; some people neet a compact pickup, we have the 2000 F 350 crew cab, long bed with the 7.3L powerstroke. we use EVERY bit of that truck. we haul 18 round bails, (1000- 1200 lbs each) on a 7000lb gooseneck trailor. going down the road at 60mph would make someone with a poorly build truck feel VERY unsafe. one mishape and its all over. thats why we have a Ford superduty. it has all the fire power to keep up with the 6.4 and more stopping power than a 1ton 6.4L
Donald Richard 12/21/2011
Bring us the new Ford Ranger! I have an 07 XLT 4.0 4x4 and I am saddened that Ford will not manufacture the Ranger here. Not all truck owners want the bigger F-150. Compact pickups are still popular and most people only need a small truck to haul their cargo.