6.2 Liter Mustang GT

I am a previous owner of a Mustang. I held off from the purchase of a new vehicle about three years ago after I heard that Ford was developing a new 6.2 Liter engine for it's trucks and performance vehicles. One vehicle the engine was being developed for specifically interested me, the Mustang GT.

The Ford Raptor Truck and the Super Duty are just now seeing deployment of this engine. Unfortunately, Ford dropped the development of the Mustang GT with this engine during the fuel cost spike in the summer of 2008.

Of course the 2011 Mustang with the new 5.0 Liter engine is a great car. However, it is not what I was hoping for.

GM and Chrysler's performance cars, not just trucks all use engine displacements of greater than 6.0 liters.
DCAshmore 05/14/2010
I recant my last comment. The 6.2 Boss would be awesome, but not as a replacement for the 5.0 in the 5.0 GT. For a "Boss 6.2 GT", perhaps, a more race oriented, almost a Z06-like Mustang. While the GT500 is "Captain Outrageous" the Boss 6.2 GT would be lighter, tighter handling, but less powerful than the GT500.
DCAshmore 04/22/2010
I have to question that. The 5.4L V8 in the GT500 adds at least 300lbs to the weight of the car over a regular GT and that is being conservative. The 2010 GT500 weighs over 3900lb to the 2011 GT's roughly 3600lbs. The added weight also throws off the cars balance badly.

An even more massive engine like the 6.2L V8, making only about as much power as the current 5.0, though with more torque, would be just as bad or worse, than the Supercharged 5.4L in the GT500. Ultimately that engine size is a serious consideration. For what is being asked for, the 5.0 is more than enough and has so far proven to be better than the rest in its class and many above as well.