6.2 in the Next GT/Boss

The 14' GT and Boss should roll out with a 4V 6.2L engine. The 5.0 can be the base GT engine in current trim with the 6.2 being an option. Personally I think there should also be a stripped version available with either engine. Basically just put the competition to sleep. I would also put the minds to work on ditching atleast 300LBS from the current car. Obviously any drop would be nice, but the more the better. Less weight equals better performance and MPG (for those who care).
Do a terminator version like the 03 /04. Make it a stripped down, supercharged, affordable car.
Stan B 09/13/2012
I agree with the 6.2, the mustang is the most customizable cars on the market. Not only do you get the look and feel of american muscle but why not put the compitetion away with the total package. Allow people to still have the option to customize it how ever they want but give them the performance they desire without the supercharged shelby. Dont get me wrong the shelby is a beuatiful car but its not affordable. you find a way to produce a big engine car that is cheap and allow people to customize it over time of owning the car instead of everying already being on it and having to pay for it all at once you will have a winner.