50th Anniversary Mustang Targets

The 50th anniversary Mustang has to blow away the competition in engine performance!!! The horsepower target has to be 500 horsepower! 5.0 liter, 50th anniversary...it just makes sense. Boss heads, with higher lift cams, Cobra intake and throttle body, long tube headers, 8,000 rpm redline, how about using a vacuum pump to unlock wasted horsepower at high rpm. Crankcase breathing is an issue at high rpm anyway. It's about time the crankcase ventilation system gets revamped. . Only need 337ft pounds of torque at 8,000 rpm. 100hp per liter! At least make it a package option.
tom 04/16/2014
tomcee. need a base model and enable options off the base , incl 429 . Eliminate GT, Boss, Premium (not Shelby GT) etc . Back in the day, subtle badging and individual selection made the buying process fun. Late 60s-early 70 "sleepers" are some of the most valued and coveted today.
Steve 05/24/2013
Wow people? Ford needs to make a million of them and that means 4 cylinder ecoboost. Yes high performance options can come but only after Ford gets the volume needed can special versions even begin to make sense.
dominic p 04/18/2013
For the 2015 Mustang to be a success I believe Ford has to stay retro or give it modern muscle car looks, not sleek euro looks (Evos). Then the engine choices need to include big V-8's such as the 351 and 429 or something all new. Ford has the Cobra Jet line where they can get existing horsepower. Then they need to get rid of the current chinese designed and built transmission and go with a real American high performance high quality designed and built transmission and maintain this level of quality through out the car (you can't afford to go cheap now Ford). As for the suspension, I would love for you to keep making the solid axle work, but Chevy's using magnetic suspension now so you've got your work cut out for you there, as well as, in the braking department. It's going to be interesting to see what Ford brings. I hope they come back with everything they got because it's going to make for some fun history making. If Ford decides to throw in the towel and go global, well then I'll just have to enjoy the Chevy and Dodge rivalry then.
Brandon W 02/06/2013
Need a 7 liter Boss 429 edition available it just makes sense being that chevy did a 7 liter 427 for the corvette's special edition and the fact that the Boss302 has already been brought back.
Michael P 01/20/2013
Obviously, more power is better. I'm sure they will do everything within reason to up the power. It is already an amazing engine the way it is now!