5.8 TI-VCT

the 5.4 in the -2012 and back GT500s was only making 400+hp naturally aspirated same as the 5.0 because the 5.0 has the twin independent varial cam timing if the new 5.8 has the TI-VCT technology it will make about 600hp naturally aspirated and with the 2.3 TVS supercharger it will make about 750hp
David G 02/08/2013
A 5.5 t0 5.8 version of the current 5.0 would be amazing. With a new procharger i-1, boss heads, cj intake...800 horsepower at 7,000 rpm wold be a piece of cake. An 7 or 8 speed dual clutch trans or manual trans with a low or no boost eco mode in a 3300lb car could get 20 city/30 hwy