5.0 V8 Taurus SHO

By Tom M.

5.0 V8. 420 Horsepower Taurus SHO. It would still get 25 Highway and 18 City. You can't substitute the V8 rumble and power experience with a 6 cylinder turbo. . It would be able to compete better than 5.7 Hemi 300c, Audi and BMW V8 Sedans, and more pricey luxury sedans., and will most likely gain you more market share in that segment.

If you held a survey on here, and asked Ford Fans which would they rather drive, I can almost gurantee 8/10 would vote for a 5.0 V8 Taurus SHO. You could produce both the twin turbo V6 or have the V8 option.
Victor 04/24/2014
Great ideas! But This is what I want: 5.8L Taurus SVT RWD.Take that Chevy SS people!
Christopher J 04/14/2013
Ford will never do that. The cost alone is a deterrent. The current SHO is upwards of $45000 fully loaded. You add a V8 you get closer to $50k the price for more power. In addition, let us not forget the super sedan class price tag such as Mercedes E63 AMG $100k+, BMW M5$100k+, Jaguar XFR$80K+ and Cadillac CTSV $70K+ . So know you are at $55k+to $60k, same as the GT500 base price. That is if Ford expects their target demographic ($35-$80k annually household) to fork over that kind of money. I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The car does not hold its value. Beware of the Limited Edition name. It is a Ford, great car but not a long-term investment. Consider the car. Ford will slap that V8 420+ hp under the hood tighten the springs and rear end and sell it. Its competitors have built their cars around the engine. Engineered to perfection and they have the name to stand behind. $55-$60K for a Ford Sedan not for me, GT500 at least has history and Shelby’s (RIP) name to support it.
Juston P 05/06/2012
I would buy one only if it was a Super Charged or Twin Turbo 5.0 V8, AWD... And it should be called Taurus R... Problem is it would out perform the Mustang...
Jules J 05/04/2012
it'd be nice to see another V8 Taurus, the original SHO from the late 90's came with an 8, even then, as a kid, thought that was awesome
Tom M. 04/26/2012
@ Jason, I was thinking the 5.0 V8 like in the Mustang and F-150, not an ecoboost 5.0. If they can get 19 city/ 26 highway in a 420 horspepower 13 Mustang, they should be able to get at least the same 17/25 that the ecoboost V6 does in the current SHO.
Adam S 04/25/2012
I agree just wouldnt call it a SHO, maybe call it a Taurus ST or Taurus R
art h 04/20/2012
count me in
Jason A 04/19/2012
Here's the thing. Ford, as well as the other Auto Manufacturers, are hamstrung due to the ridiculous CAFE standards being implemented by the Gov't. This limits what Ford can offer to the driving public. There is an average MPG that must be met fleetwide. In order to offer the larger and faster engines then Ford must also offer continually smaller engines. Why do you think they are eliminating the option for a V6 in the new Fusion? It's not because the driving public is demanding it; even with gas prices soaring. One of my favorites things in life is to get behind the wheel of a nice vehicle with power and torque, even if I very rarely use it. Put me in an econobox with a hamster engine because the Gov't says that's what I should be driving to prevent Global Warming then my "Gov't Oppression" alarms bells start going off. As for a 5.0L Ecoboost in the Taurus, I'd wonder if you have actually felt the power of the 3.5L SHO Taurus? I don't think you'd be clambering for a 5.0L if you had.