5.0 Liter ecoboost

Ford has been sticking the eco-boost engine in everything in its lineup, it would be a great idea to design a 5.0L eco-boost for the Mustang as well as an option in trucks, and SUVs. Most people will not want to buy a v6 Mustang; even though the new 3.5 eco-boost puts out 365hp, it's not a v8 that everyone has come to expect in Ford's pony car.
jeff s 10/24/2013
I think turbo's should be an option on the trailer tow packages.
Denton J 02/02/2013
I think it would be great to get an EcoBoost engine out there with a displacement larger than the 3.5L V6. I'm sure Ford can produce an EcoBoost engine that would perform equal to or better than the larger block engines while getting better fuel economy. That is one of the reasons I opted for an EcoBoost engine in the vehicle I bought. Not to mention that the torque curve on the EcoBoost lineup is incredible and would be awesome to have if hauling a heavy load or trying to get down the line. Here is to hoping we get one.
Ryan W 12/02/2012
That wouldn't really work - the "eco" part is that it's a tiny engine that gets good fuel economy, which the 5.0 isn't, and the "boost" part is how they get decent power out of the small engine - a turbocharger, which doesn't significantly increase fuel consumption. So what you're thinking of would basically be so powerful that it'd only be useful in a Mustang like the Boss or Shelby, or maybe a Super Duty.