4WD package

By R.m. F.

Put a 4 Wheel Drive package under the 'E' series vans. With a trans axle shifter you don't have to get out & turn hub locks on the wheels. Build me an E-250 Van with that package & other options I would choose & I would seriously consider a purchase. I'm a security guard that has found myself having to get through bad weather &/or terrain to a post I had to stay at for days. A van like that could be outfitted very well inside for other stiuations too. Unless there's an order code for this already, You might wat to contemplate such an option.

Robert H 06/01/2014
no the E series vans are on their way out and being replaced by the transit connect. This isnt cost effective and doesnt line up with fords stratigy.
art h 05/18/2014
They would sell like hotcakes. it would be great dor the outdoorsman as well. room to pack your stuff and still sleep in the back. Its built on the F150 platform already. I remember they did this before.