40 mile EV mode plug-in hybrid

How about a 40 mile per charge PHEV.
Use half of the Focus electric battery in an Energi format?
If the Focus can get a full charge in 4hrs can a battery half the size be charged in 2 hrs?
The C-max Energi and Fusion Energi are a great start but can you build on that for next years models? A 40 miles per charge vehicle that can get a full charge in 2 hrs it would open the door to even more people to use and enjoy!
Hand T 05/16/2013
Put this tech in a Focus and I'd be first in line to buy it!
David T 03/15/2013
40 miles is much better. The Volt is 40 miles and you have less range fright. 20 miles will go down to 14 as the battery ages. The battery packs should able to be updated in older vehicles so down the road in time, we can upgrade. This would reduce the scare of owning an old battery car. Batteries should be leased to the owners, rather than bought in the car, so future updates would be inexpensive, and resale values would be maintained.
Ken S. U 02/22/2013
Great idea! I would buy a 40 mile plug in hybrid!
Roger S 02/09/2013
40 miles per charge is ideal for me. That is what I was hoping the EV was going to be. The charge time is not that important to me. The 40 miles is more than most trips we make on a daily basis.
Seth R 02/07/2013
Please give the c-max E-nergi and Fusion E-nergi a longer electric range.
The Chevrolet volt has almost double the range as the fords.
Make the ford models more competitive and give them the longer range.