4 door sedan with 6spd manual transmission

Please please make a 4 door sedan with RWD and AWD option that offers a 6spd manual transmission and uses either the Mustang V6 or 5.0L V8 naturally aspirated engines. I believe there is a huge market for drivers who would love a manual transmission Mustang but require 4 doors. A lot of the 'kids' that grew up with the last generation 5.0L Mustang are now adults and have families and would love to own a new Ford with the Mustang performance but that has 4 doors. Think Audi S4 and BMW 330xi.
Bill 03/15/2012
This is a great idea. The current Mustang platform must be flexible enough to build a 4 door car with the same poweertrain options. A mid size could be call the Falcon or Fairlane. It would even be cool to have one stretched to full size and call it a Galaxie, as long as it has a manual trans option!
Pete Brighton 01/25/2012
As an ex-pat Australian, this is an excellent idea. I came to the US and continue to ask all Americans the same question..."I want a 4 door manual v8 in RWD sedan from the land of performance v8 engines...the good old USA" Now i have to go back home to get one. My timing seems to be terrible. It only hurts more when you know what your missing out on regarding the Falcons. Patiently waiting.
Bob Johann 11/11/2011
I currently own an SVT Contour, and it has exactly what Ford needs to produce: A mid size sedan with a strong V6, and top of the line features. If you offered a 6 speed manual in the Fusion sport with the 3.5L v6, it would sell like crazy. There are many in the SVT community that are waiting for this car. I recently drove a 2012 Fusion Sport with the automatic/manual transmission in it, trying to operate it as a pure manual, and it was not good. I would probably just leave it in drive and that destroys the point of getting the car. PLEASE give the option on at least 1 premium level vehicle with sporting tendencies (heck, make it to SVT standards and slap the label on it if you have to) and you'll reverse any declines in manual sales your marketing department thought they saw over the past several years.
Michael Masin 10/15/2011
The Falcon could work. It's got a NA or turbo straight 6, and a supercharged version of the Mustang V8, all of which can be had with a six speed manual. Think of it as a BMW 5-Series for 1/3 of the price.
Eric Beaudoin 10/07/2011
I agree!!!
Brad Krekelberg 10/01/2011
For example, one based on the Falcon. If i can't have a Grand C-Max, give me a RWD sedan!
DINO DION 09/30/2011
100% agree. Also think of answer to the chargers and 300's