4 Door more powerful Ranger

Up to this point the ranger has sort of been the little guy in an already mini truck catogory I think that ford should come out with a V8 or eco boost v6 crew cab Ranger. The V8 could be the new 5.0 V8 or the eco boost V6 would offer enough kick as well the truck is and has been a nice looking truck over the years but it needs more ummf to really put the other small trucks in their place
David Hall 02/16/2011
From the lack of atttention they are giving the Ranger, I feel that they are giving it the Mercury treatment. (let it fall so far behind the other models then just cut it all together) There was a rumor of them trying to cut it in 2009. They havent changed anything significantly since 1998. I hate the engine in mine. I'd love an ecoboost anything but the low power gas-hog thats in it.
Brian Langston 01/25/2011
Also, the Australian Ranger is offered in a diesel. I think Ford should develop a small diesel for some of its vehicles not just the super duty trucks.
Brian Langston 01/25/2011
The new mustang is offered in a 304 h.p. v-6 that gets over 30 mpg. I don't know why Ford will not make the same engine available for more of it's vehicles. Looks to me like it would be more cost efficiant in the long run.