4.5 L diesel in F-150

Ford has a 4.5 L turbo diesel V-6 in a commercial truck called the LCF model. It has 200 hp and 440 lbs/torque. Why can the Ford executives not understand what the people at Audi/VW understand...if they make it, make it reliable, and price it right, people will buy them. The 3.5L Ecoboost might be a great engine, but I'm sure that alot of F-150 & Expedition owners wish they had additional options.
Alex 01/19/2013
As soon as it come out I 'm a new diesel F-150 owner!!
Normand G 01/02/2013
The ecoboost engine is fin when you drive it unloaded, but as soon as you put it to work it guzells up gas like a big V8, what is needed is A Diesel nothing else ! !
Dennis 09/29/2012
Ford is going to wait until someone else does it and has great success and then jumps in the game too late!
Jeff D 09/25/2012
The option for a smaller diesel in the 150 or the expedition would be positive. It would boost fuel economy and give the possibility, as mentioned in an earlier comment, for a customer to run Bio Diesel too. With new diesel technology, the emissions are so much less than they used to be and the particulate is very low. This needs to happen!
we need a diesel in a half ton so we can tow 11300 pounds and still get mid 20s on the highway
This is a great idea, there are quite a few people where i live that would buy it.
Brad Langstraat 11/08/2011
I totally agree. I just went out and bought a VW Jetta TDI and I'm getting over 50MPG on the highway. I would love to have a F150 diesel sitting in my garage also!! I just don't understand why Ford hasn't came out with a diesle half ton yet. I'd be the first one in liine for one!!
William Kohn 09/27/2011
The 4.4L V8 diesel is presently being sold to Land Rover. I would love to be able to get a F150 diesel that has the ability to run Bio-Diesel.
Brian Langston 09/12/2011
I wish they would bring the diesel engine to the F150 and Expedition! If the Expedition diesel could get mpg numbers in the 20's, I would seriously have to look at getting one of them instead of a smaller suv.
Kyle Johnson 09/07/2011
The 4.5 in the LCF is Navistar Engine. Ford has already developed a 4.4L V8 diesel for the F150, but it has been postponed. Likely due to diesel cost plus the requirement of DEF.