4.0L Ecoboost V8

Just what it sounds like. A 4.0L Twin turbo, Direct injection, V8 that could happily pump out 500hp, with the economy of a V6 making half as much.
John D 01/26/2014
A 5.0 Ecoboost set up soft enough to run on 87 yet still easy capable of 550 hp and 550 lb ft. The engine everyone with an F150 Raptor or a Super Duty wants to own......
joshua wilson 06/25/2013
4.8 liter V8 ecoboost with 440 hp-490 tq in a f-150 4x4
JOHN R 10/08/2012
PLEASE DO THIS! And put in in a 2wd reg cab sb f150 and mustang.
Noman 10/01/2012
Then they should drop in a tuned fusion or mustang to let it compete with amg's and Audis. That would be a godsend.
Paul 09/23/2010
I would venture to say more Ecoboost engines in general. My father in his age decided he wanted a big comfy vehicle that he didn't have to climb into, so he got an Ecoboost Flex. After almost a year of ownership, he wishes all of his vehicles were so powerful with such good fuel economy! I say power first because that's what he seems to care about most, as do I. What I mean to say is, instead of using a smaller Ecoboost engine to get better economy while maintaining similar power output in current vehicles, I would like to see cars with the same size Ecoboost engines for a substantial improvement in power. Either way, I'm glad I can buy a people carrier with some power! Thanks for that, I wish you could do that some more.