3dr Fiesta ST to the US Market!

Hell Ford, I have been very excited to hear that you have finally pade a production Fiesta ST but unfortunately you have no gave the green light for the United States. I would certainly love the Fiesta ST offered as a 3 door model here in the states. I am a big fan of your upcoming Focus ST but I having a smaller turboed hatch would be best suited for me as I am a college student in my early twentys looking for a sexy hate like the fiesta ST. Please bring it to the states!
Keith B 01/24/2014
My choice is between the Mk7 Golf gti and the Fiesta st. If the Fiesta was available as a 3dr I'd buy now rather than wait for the new gti. I think Ford have misjudged the demand for a 3dr in the usa.
Mark S 02/08/2013
Well Ford has once again not made a 3dr available...even though they are making a 3dr Fiesta ST for Europe. Too bad, not only am I not buying a fiesta now, I'm not buying another new mustang because of this.
Zach P 12/18/2012
Ford: If I am correct your excuse for not giving us the 3 door fiesta is as such. "When we sold the 3 door focus here the take rate was a mere 10%, meaning the 3 door focus was not justifiable in this market." Okay Ford, THAT WAS THE BIGGER, ROOMIER FOCUS, NOT THE SMALL FIESTA!!! People who buy a Fiesta are typically younger than those who buy the Focus, so WTF ford? where are your brains at? I would SO totally buy a Fiesta ST 3 door in a heartbeat
David C 10/24/2012
Oh and I can't forget this point... I was a diehard GM fan untill they were bought by our government. The Fiesta is what made me a fan of Ford and the ecoboost engines will keep me here. If there is no 3-door Fiesta ST I may switch to a VW GTI-R in the near future. That means the Fiesta will be sold.
David C 10/24/2012
I'm 6'7" and currently drive a Fiesta and yes when i drive I can turn my head and look out the back window. If you made the Fiesta ST a 3-door model I would wait in line like it was an iPhone to get it. The back seat on the current Fiesta is useless IMO. Not to mention the 3-door just looks a ton better.
Logan B 07/31/2012
We need the 3dr hatch fiesta ford, if your timid because you don't think it will sell as a 3dr because it is impractical or at least not as practical as a 5door. You should let the 3dr ST be your ambassador to the US to gauge reaction to the 3dr. The proportions of the 3dr are superior to that of the 5dr, not to mention lighter and more sporty. I think once people see the 3dr in the flesh they will love it. You should not lose sales to Vw and cooper just because they offer 3dr version and you guys don't. Not to mention a 3dr ST will run circles around a cooperS. I've drove the new 1.6 ecoboost in the escapes and that engine in a fiesta would be an absolute riot!
C.L. McKinney 06/13/2012
+1 for the 3-door Fiest ST in the U.S. It is not just for the young. I am nearly 50 and currently drive a 3-door hatch. My youngest son will get it for college in 1 year and I will replace it with another 3-door hatch. I really like the looks of the Fiesta ST 3-door, but if it doesn't come to the U.S. I will be buying a GTI or Cooper s. Thanks.
Lawton Q 06/10/2012
I bought a new, 3-door 2003 SVT Focus, and I currently have a 2011 Fiesta SE. I would very much be interested in a 3-door Fiesta ST, but not a 5-door. I was tempted by the Fiat Abarth, but the price and build quality held me off. Come on Ford, bring us the 3-door Fiesta!
martin c 05/05/2012
I know it would be a hassle from a CARB certification standpoint, but it would be great if there was an ecoboost kit for existing Fiestas. I know it's not the most practical route, but I love everything else about my 2011 SE and don't think I would be able to justify dumping it for the ST if/when it comes out. Power is absolutely the only thing I don't like about the car. Small and light is the way to go!
Brent D 04/27/2012
I have a 2011 Fiesta SES Hatch and another 2012 SES Hatch on order. Why are you not building the Fiesta ST and Focus ST now? The Focus electric will sell a few hundred or even a few thousand, and these two ST's would sell ten and perhaps hundreds of thousands. Get your priorities in the right order. the electric will be a decade paying Ford back on it's investment. I have nothing against the electric or hybrids but they will be an eternity paying back the capital investment. Hurry up ST's.
Logan B 04/12/2012
3 door fiesta for North America in all forms! I work at a Ford Dealer and i would order an ST as they became available!
Keith P 04/04/2012
We need the 3 door Fiesta hatch and 3 door ST NOW1 i would be at the dealer the day it was announced. I have a 3 door Focus that I will not replace until we get another 3 door on our shores!
Ed S 04/03/2012
Yes. Focus ST is way too big. We need a true hot hatch.
Jamie B 03/29/2012
Late 2012 the ST will be here.. BUT only 4 door. So... no go for me
Todd B 03/17/2012
Please just confirm that the Fiest ST is coming to the United States. I don't care how many doors it has!!!
Steve R 03/13/2012
The three door would be unique and not take market share from the Focus ST,,,
Ford N 03/09/2012
Fiesta ST to NA = YES
Ron R 03/09/2012
Not only in the ST, but in the regular models as well. Oh, and can we habe Euro spec front bumper cover, and a 17in wheel option, Just give us the Fiesta Metal!!