351w 5.8L Engine

In all honesty this was probably one of the best engines ford ever made compared to the 302. It was purpose built and had the most Torque and Horse Power out of any truck or car back then and also can will a bad to the bone diesel truck transmission attached to it or better know as the E40D transmission. In my opinion they should bring back the 351 5.8L even though it may never be like the Cleveland or Windsor. Plus i think the GT 500's would run like a bat out of hell with that engine in it rather than the out of date and in my opinion badly made 5.4, i'm actually glad that Ford got rid of the 4.6 also along with the 3.9 if i'm correct. Some of the worst engines i have seen on a Ford. But They should bring back the 351 5.8L As their performance engine once again.
William S 12/08/2013
Ford didn't bring back the 302. The current 5.0 liter shares 0 components with the old Windsor. As far as I know its still based on the old 4.6. 
Alex 07/03/2013
I think that pushrod engines are no longer in favor, but if you look at the LS series from GM on the Pontiac G8 and the new Chevy SS, it says volumes that a pushrod engine, with coil on wire ignition, and modern fuel injection is still a very good choice. Personally, I feel the Crown Vic and Panther platform cars are very heavy cars at 4,000+lb and served with a higher torque engine that develops power lower in the powerband. The SOHC 4.6 is very under-powered for such a heavy vehicle and bringing back a modern pushrod 5.8 would be a better choice. The other choice is to take the DOHC 5.4 liter cousin to the 4.6 and make the engine of choice in the Panther platform. I think Ford unwisely killed off the Panther platform. The Mercury Marauder was the right idea, just too little, too late. The Lincoln MKS based on the Taurus with twin-turbo V6 has yet to show the reliability and simplicity of the 4.6 Liter or the 5.4 liter, or even the old pushrod 5.8. I think heavy cars need higher displacement, higher torque engines and Dual Overhead cam engines are good in lighter cars . As the new Taurus/Lincoln MKS ages, very few mechanics can work on the Twin turbo V6 and most car buyers know these super expensive cars once they become used cars. if they develop a reputation for being expensive to maintain/repair, these cars will sink fast. So the V6 turbo at 350 HP is great on paper, but few can afford Lincoln MKS brand new. So the cars reputation will develop as a $28k 3 year old car. With the twin turbo V6, it will be expensive to repair/maintain for the average owner and the car's reputation will go down hill from there. By contrast, bringing back the old 5.8 Liter pushrod engine or the 5.4 cammer will be easy and proven
Fordy 05/10/2013
I have owned 4.6 police, 351 windsors, driven 351 clevelands (4 and 2bbl), and FE Fords as well as 289 and 302s.

They are all great engines, and each one has it strong points. The 289 was light weight. The 351 windsor was reliable and had an even power curve, and with modern parts, can achieve high horespower.
The FE blocks sound fantastic, have good power, and only suffered in the oiling department, but I love them.
The 4.6 sohc makes it power at the top end, and has incredible economy and reliability beyond any of these other engines.

Someone mentioned the police 4.6 being better than the older police 351 windsors. This is true. The modern Crown Vics were better than any of the older ones (and better than the much-lauded Chevy Police cars too, as the chassis handled much better), and the 4.6 performed better and with better fuel economy.

Having written all this, a windsor wins overall if we use modern parts. Even the cleveland 351 (a beast) cannot match the 351 in modern race trim simply because there were never enough clevelands made to justify future development.

The race FE blocks, the 4 barrel 351 cleveland, the boss 429, the modern equipped 351 windsor, and the various 4.6 and 5.4 Fords are the best engines for high performance, and the most bullet-proof of all is the police-equipped 4.6 with the performance improved heads (later versions,the 2004 being the best).

The dream engines for racing are the supercharged 5.4, the 427 and 427 SOHC, the 351 cleveland 4bbl, and the most reliable is the 2004 4.6 police (will run 131 mph all day, every day.)
Dylan Walhof 10/10/2011
it IS RETURNING in the 2013(likely coming out in 2012) Shelby GT500 with 600+ hp stock, to take care of the Chevy Slomaro that has a bigger engine (6.2L) and less HP(550)
brandon burkholder 05/03/2011
the 351 will run for 200,000 + miles e40d good if reworked
brandon burkholder 05/03/2011
Comment on this IDEA!
Robert Todd 04/30/2011
The 351 was good but time moves on and the 302-351 engines are stones compaired to the mod and new 5.0 engines. Ford has never built better engines than today and the engines of the past were great.
The engines I miss are the 429-460 and the 427 FE. The FE's are legondary and the 460's were indestructable work horses.
I held the NHRA national record years ago with a 427 powered vehicle. Still own 3 of them. The new %.0 crate engine is going to take over as the hottest hot rod engine
terry chin 03/20/2011
Austin your post states that a "magic" displacedment of 351 cubic inches is what makes a good engine. Well I think that a good base makes for a good engine. Displacement has nothing really to do with it.
A engine needs to be modern & the Cleveland & Windsor designs although good for it's day has long since passed them.
craig olson 03/19/2011
You have to be kidding. In stock form a 351W, 5.8 litre was never a performance engine, from the beginning in 1969 until it was finally replaced by the modular engines. You mentioned its power and torque, got news for you, a cleveland made more of both, as did a 350 Chev. As far as it replacing the 5.4 in a GT500 with a 351, dream on, you have obviously never owned or even driven one. A 351W would take many, many thousands of dollars to get the hp and torque that the 5.4 dohc s/c engine produces, and if it did, the cast crank and 2 bolt mains would disintegrate. Not to mention the engine won't pass todays emission requirements. As far as the 4.6, this little 281 cu. in. sohc engine was and still is a viable power house. It is still in the Crown Vic police cars, until fall of 2011, and I can personally guarantee these cars will "blow the doors off" the previous 351 powered cop cars of the past, and run 200,000+ miles without problems. Actually a 289-302 made more power per cu. in. than a 351W. Finally, the E4OD has been laid to rest and none too soon, I have rebuilt many, just ask the tranny shops, it's a money maker for them.