30+ mpg 150-superduty

By Alex M.

I've seen a lot of the new trucks bragging with 800 ft-lbs. of tourque and 450 h.p. but I would like to see a 150 or even a superduty with the 9 or 10 speed transmissions that ford & gm are working on equipped with a smaller sized diesel engine, say arounf 3.2 - 4.0L with a 3.21- 3.71 wheel axle ratio option. The 10 speed transmission with the diesel would give you plenty of power for say snowplowing on a superduty with a spreader on the back because of all the extra gears (compared to todays 6 speed or 5 speed transimission) would have the uslal gears (nutural, drive etc.)  but with up to six overdrives that means a lot of extra power if you need it, but great fuel economy when you are not carying a lot