3 cylinder turbo diesel ka in the usa

build a 3 cylinder turbo diesel ka and bring it to the usa
ryan 03/07/2012
They need a deisel car for those of us who do mainly highway driving.
Brian L 03/01/2012
Sorry, I was thinking about the Kuga, not the Ka.
james m 02/28/2012
actually theres a few rumors goin around that it is coming here. since ford has nothing to go against the many redesigns coming. and with gas prices going so high a smaller lighter truck will be a big seller. even jeep is supposedly releasing a midsized pickup next year.
Brian L 02/26/2012
The 2013 Escape will look like the Ka but you will never see Ford do a small diesel in America. Just like you won't see the diesel "Global, except America" Ranger here in America!