3.7L V6 Turbo

Turbo-charge 3.7 L V6 I think Ford should offer a turbo charged 3.7 L V6 engine. This V6 already gives most V8's something to think about in terms of performance. I continue to be impressed with my 2014 Mustang 3.7L V6, however I can feel the potential under that hood for a dynamic performer. Who would ever have thought (especially back in the day) that we would ever see such performance from a 6 cylinder. Why stop now? Make the turbocharger available to current V6 owners as well as an option on new Mustangs. Lets face it Mustang is an icon but the old 6 cylinder (200 Cubic Inch) left a bad taste in everyone's mouth regarding 6 cylinders. If not for the old 289 V8 things may have gone quite differently. Anyway, Ford has a real winner with the 3.7 so why not capitalize on a good thing and give everyone the opportunity to experience legendary power and that rush associated with Mustang. Ford Racing should also pay attention to the large number of 3.7 V6 owners who could care less about economy but crave the power and know the potential is there. Right now we have to go after market to power up our cars. Bama, Proformance, Steeda and countless others are cashing in on Ford Racing's lack of interest in the large 3.7 V6 population out here. No one is more loyal to Ford then Mustang Owners! Please stop pushing us away, we are not second class citizens because we chose the V6, we are Mustang owners!
14PPStang 08/14/2014
i completely agree with the original poster, the 3.7 has potential never seen before in a production engine. with a turbo system this engine easily make 450 hp and 400Ft # torque. and thats nothing to sneeze at. how is it that the EU cars can make over 450 hp in 3.o litre or less, but ford considers the 3.7 a replacement equivilant to the 200 6 back in the 60's, shame on ford for restricting such a good engine.  I understand the drive train cannot with stand that amount of hp, but the engineers should have made sure the drive train was upto the standards of the ford musatang first. ford knows if they do not incorporate good part into a car, the aftermarket will. and they make a killing knowing the performance minded driver is going to have the best parts available in thier car. FORD Step up to the plate. I remember when i was young, you could order a mustnag, fairlane without a engine or trans, then the dealership would put in what ever combo you wanted. well I to wnated the fuel economy of the V6 on the hwy. but i want the head wrenching power for the road course or the drag strip with out having to dump an extra 10K into it to make it reliable. even the V8 cars need about 4K in parts to make them safe for perforamnce driving. Ford Racing Division and SVT need to make OEM/AfterMarket parts available thru the dealerships as it used to be look at the numbers there are alot more V6 cars on the road since the 2011 introduction of the 3.7 than V8 cars. help us make our  COYOTE pups nto full grown bad A-- bowtie and mopar killers as they once were. AT LEAST GIVE THE V6 ENGINES A REPROGRAM TO INCREASE HP AND TORQUE , INCREASE LIMITER THAT EQUAL OF THE GT CARS. HELP US IN THE MIDRANGE POWER 2000 - 3000 RANGE WHERE THESE ENGINES LACK EVERYTHING.Thanks for looking over this rant