3.7 Ranger

By Jake D.

I've seen where some people have suggested this before, but i would love to see Rangers with the 3.7L V-6 out of the Mustang lineup. Rangers are some of the most dependable small trucks out there, but they lack in the power/fuel economy dept. I think Ford ould have a winning combination with this setup. Even a 3.7L detuned to 250hp in the Ranger would be way ahead of the competition. Make all of the Ranger drivers proud and roll out a new 3.7L prototype for 2013. Have a wonderful day!
Robert H 09/21/2012
The Ranger or my personal preference, the Sport Trac Adrenaline. The Ranger cab have a 3.7 or 3.5 eco-boost and give the Sport Trac the 5.0 -32V it so deserves. Right now Ford doesn't produce a product that suits me, a mid size truck with any get up and go.
Tim 08/31/2012
I am waiting for the Ranger Diesel to be sold in the US
Alex D 07/12/2012
Yes. But how about a thorough souping up via SVT as well? You could even be cheeky and call it a ProtoRaptor...
Robert T 07/11/2012
What Ranger. Production was stoped in DEC 2011
Landon S 07/10/2012
I sure wish a new ranger would come out. Ford seems to think that they great new engines in the F-150 will make more people buy them, but in reality many people might go look at Nissans and Toyotas. I think Ford needs to build a new Ranger with a new engines, especially the new 3.7l v6 in the Mustang, which is what they did before with the 4.0l. It would be a great engine for a little truck and it would be efficient too. I would love a truck but just can't imagine buying an f-150, and fueling it up at this point in my life. The Ranger would be perfect.