3.5 Ecoboost for Explorer

How about Ford adds the 3.5 Ecoboost as an available engine for the Explorer? It would be nice to have more torque available lower in the RPM range, and more horsepower than the standard 3.5 liter V6. I prefer towing with an SUV and the 3.5 Ecoboost would be a nice addition. I'd buy one tomorrow if it was available.
Mike W 03/16/2014
If you can get the ecoboost v6 in the sport, it should be available in the other packages as well!!!
Brian T 03/01/2012
I agree Jeremy. I am in the market to replace my '05 Explorer but have been holding off until I find out what they are doing with the V6 ecoboost. I tow a 20' travel trailer and may upgrade to a larger one in the future so I need to purchase something with adequate towing capacity. I do not want a pick up truck due to the size and poor fuel economy. I wish they'd let us know their intentions. I may just have to purchase a Grand Cherokee with a HEMI. At least I know what I'll be getting...
Mark Cutler 02/10/2012
I find the way Ford is using this blog quite frustrating. As a consumer I can post my ideas as much as I want with no response from Ford. I will probably just give up and buy another Lexus. I would by an Explorer if Ford would be more transparent and say what it is planning to do with the Ecoboos on which models. This is just blowing in the wind, a bunch of hot air!
Kelvin Bursey 02/08/2012
Jaimeson Hazel 02/03/2012
I Had A post similar to this already, it is true though, if it was available i wouldn't hesitate period. Although i think it would be offered in the future it is is taking too long and i realy want an explorer!!
Jeremy McAuliff 02/01/2012
It works for the Taurus SHO, it should work great with the Explorer. Raise the tow rating from 5,000 pounds to around 6,500 and give the option for a 3.55 final drive ratio. Some people actually pull trailers with their SUV's and yet don't want or need a full size truck.
Brandon Skaar 02/01/2012
That's a great idea. How all that horsepower and torque would effect the drive train. It would be great in an all wheel drive model