24valve, direct inject 4.9L (300cu.in.) I-6 Ecoboost w/Ti-VCT

By Erik S.

The Ford 4.9L (300cu.in.) I-6 engine has been a reputable, dependable, durable, powerful motor of its time (1965-1996 in Ford trucks) and has been through decades of trucks with stump pulling power. Aftermarket parts have unleashed the full potential a 300 I-6 motor can put out for power with even a slighter increase in fuel economy as well. As the years progress, Ford is moving to smaller, yet powerful motors to reduce fuel consumption yet still provide power. This is where my idea for reinventing the wheel comes to place. Going with the same bore/stroke dimentions (4.00"/3.98"), a 4 valve head to help the motor breathe, direct injection for better fuel efficiency and power, and a turbo charger based on the design of the current 6.7L Powerstroke, would not only yield monstrous low end torque than the current 6.2L V8, but should deliver equivalent or better fuel economy with Ti-VCT. The motor should consist of 4-bolt main caps for the crank for better support. The motor should be an overhead cam design for Ti-VCT, and should be a cross flow design to prevent the intake air from being heated, and allow for a cooler, denser charge. I've heard of one person turbocharging a 300I-6 motor in his truck and with 18lbs of boost he dynoed out at the rear wheels at 300hp and 573ft/lbs of torque and still managed to get 15mpg with an automatic transmission. The better flowing head design of the motor I thought of, along with direct injection, turbo charging and Ti-VCT should be good for 400hp, 600ft/lbs of torque and probably 16-20mpg. This would make an awesome performing motor in an F-150 and make it a best in class horsepower and torque. It would make a good home as well in the Super Duty segment for its low end torque, power that would be almost equivalent to a 6.0L Powerstroke diesel.
WestyOz 04/15/2014
Does anyone here know about Ford Australia's 4 litre I6 Dohc cam Turbo 6 in it's locally design F6 Falcon?  This motor puts out 315kw (428hp) & 550Nm (406 ft/lbs) as low down as 1800rpm.  Aftermarket tunes have seen this motor pull amazing numbers.  Unfortunately globalisation is about to kill this beast off and we are likely to get a v6 in the future down here
jack 03/03/2014
Dual Overhead Cam and non-interference with a Kevlar timing belt
logan 01/14/2014
part of the reliability of the six is the fact that it used a timing gear, something not possible with an ohc configuration.
George 12/28/2013
The 300cc I6 has had a performance head for it, however it was a pre-production design and the mold have been lost to history. Another attemp was made by cutting two heads from a 351 Windsor and welding them together. Much better flow performance.There have been rumours over the last few years about someone starting on a casting for a similar head, but nothing more than that. A great thing about the design from Windsor is the intake and exhaust ports are on opposite sides. If you really want to ramp up a better breathing 300cc I6 with a turbocharger, you've got to add an intercooler for the air. While you're at it, add an external transmission filter to that M5R2 and an automatic mode for clutch control.  ZF redesign for the HD segment. If we're talking pie in the sky ideas, why not add hydrualic variable valve timing and lighter pistons at the same time. 
yea 10/25/2013
Use A Tremec T-56 Magnum tranmission and propane conversion kit and intercooler air-slush h2o-air and there you go. . . . . . . . . 
Darren 03/20/2013
does anyone have any ford specs on the 4.9l I have look at preformance webb sites on these engies and learned nothing
Derek C 10/22/2012
I want this in a coupe!
Darren Larson 08/26/2011
I want one! I love the 4.9l in my Bronco. Would be awesome to have one that's had your new and improved ideas applied to it.
Richard Reed Parkinson 08/25/2011
I love this Idea! I hade a 300 six in my 84 Bronco with a t-18 transmission behind it. I also had the 301 gear ratio which made me get 25 mpg on the hwy and 21 mpg city. Man it would be even better if you could make that ECOBOOST I6 engine get 30 mpg on the hwy and 25 mpg in the city with a 5spd automatic and have the truck be under $20,000. I would probably consider buying one again and I can't stand the new vehicles of today. To make me come back to new again would be a first. I can just see the name now on the outside of a 2015 ford below the F150 badge saying " 4.9 ECOBOOST I6", WOW! That has a nice ring to it.
Erik Swensen 08/03/2011
i would love for them to make this motor with a 6-speed manual transmission as an option w/ a Granny 6-speed in the super duty segment.
Brian 08/03/2010
I like this idea. I have a 300 in my 88' F-150 that has a bigger cam and 6-2 header in front of a granny low 4spd. Its very impressive to work with. I'd buy a newer F-150 with your idea on it, as long as I could get it with a manual transmission.