2015 or 16 SVT Raptor

By Josh Y.

Hi all to Ford and svt ,Im realy hoping that its not true about Ford getting rid of the svt Raptor ,sense there is going to no longer going to be a 6.2 liter motor.
Well heres one for svt and Ford to think about ,why not use a none super charged version of the svt Cobra motor ,it can easly produce over 500 HP without a super charger on it ,and beside who would want a wimpy twin turbo v6 in a Raptor body ,we fellow and lady truck people like a gnarly v8 under our gas petal ,and with the new 2015s being 700 to a 1000 lbs lighter ,hmm lets see ,500 hp ,700 lbs lighter ,hmm im thinking a truck that could make the dodge and chevy peeps wet their briches at the redlights and blow their doors on and off road ,and the truck would get better fuel mileage if you offered it with something other than a 4.10 gearing ,hmm 3.55 or 3.73s ,maybe 3.41s for the peeps that dont want to take a 60k truck off the road,but hay i just someone that knows what they like and what they would like the see ,cause in every case that ive saw around here ,more HP and the right gearing ,better fuel mpg ,and heres another thing ford might want to look at for all of their rides ,go with led lighting ,it last longer and not as dangerous as HIDs ,HIDs and knows for burning the wiring up if not hooked up right or extened long term use. Yall Keep up the good work.
RAPTOR4LIFE 10/01/2014
Lets go Ford, don't let it die. We want a 2015 model!!
Josh Y 02/24/2014
Come on Ford ,yall have got to like this idea.