2015 mustang transmission

i own a 2012 mustang and im not happy with the 6 speed and short shifter. please go back to the late 90s early 2000s style manual tranny and shifter for the 2015 stang. keep it original. its a mustang not a race car.
Mike 09/29/2013
Install a pdk type trans in the 2015 gt.
steven r 01/10/2013
hope you have reviewed my idea. would love to see top loader transmissions again. never had trouble with those
steven r 12/10/2012
had trouble with my car poping out of 5th gear. only way ill buy a 50th anniversary if the tranny is not made in japan anymore. very frustrated
Mike 11/29/2012
Short Shifters Own!
steven r 10/11/2012
i hope you are considering my request. please use my idea
steven r 09/28/2012
please consider my idea for the 2015 mustang.
steven r 09/25/2012
please use my idea. its not asking very much to make all the stang customers happy