2015 Mustang SVO

With rumors flying the upcoming Mustang may grace the shores of Europe with a 4-cyl EcoBoost model, you have a great opportunity to revive the SVO moniker and make it available in the US, too!

The 3.7L V6 is a great engine, don't get me wrong. ...but a 4-cyl turbo would be interesting, as well. And the precedence and heritage is already in place. Americans will buy a performance oriented 4-cylinder turbo. Just look at the Evo and WRX communities!f

Please don't shun another great idea to off-shore markets!
Frank 11/07/2013
The I4 configuration is for weight and balance. This made it great for handling and roadcourses . For those of you who have owned these cars know they are a blast to drive. The 86  had 5 more HP than the 86 GT, better gas mileage and 4 wheel disc brakes. (If you doubt the power of these motors look up the Ford 2.3l Turbo powerplant on the Internet). I know these are standard accessories but at that time it was not. The big question is how much is it going to weigh and what is going to be the weight distribution with a V8. If Ford is taking the Mustang to the next level, they need to make the car not only perform well in a straight line. Can’t wait to see what Ford comes up with. Saving my pennies!!!!
Robert 08/17/2013
Make it a turbo 6 & I think you've got a winner!!
avery c 05/30/2013
a 4ecoboost mustang would litarly mean a focus ST could outrun it because it has the same engine but it is lighter. the day a focus can outrun a mustang is the day i am no longer a mustang fan. the 4 cylinder era was a dark time in mustang history in my opinion and most other mustang and ford fans in general agree with me. if you want a performance car with a V4 there is already one on the market and its called the focus ST.