2015 Mustang and Beyond

A great way not to lose the "Retro" crowd and still move on with a new body style is to bring back some of the older name plates. Clearly that has been a success before; Boss 302, Mach 1, GT 500.

As an avid Mustang fan I see huge potential coming up with the new platform. Such as...

SVO: 4 Cylinder EcoBoost we have all seen the potential of these 4 Cylinders with 300 Hp potential and even more economy than the current V-6

GT: Still the pure 5.0 good old stand by unchanged from the current plans

Cobra: I know that there is already a GT500 but for many it is unattainable at it's price point. So why not bring back the successful nameplate. A terminator part II if you will. Everyone knows the potential of the new 5.0 with a Supercharger on it. I could see a factory supercharged 5.0 bridging the gap between the base GT and the GT500. Somewhere in the 500 HP range, the thing would be a ZL1 killer for 10 grand less.

Just a thought, I may be partial to the Cobra idea since I own one.
Sean S 03/11/2013
Nobody cares about the nameplates...they were great on the 05-14...TEN MODEL YEARS...But more forward already. SVO is gone...Special Vehicle Operations is now SVT...NEED NAMES LIKE ST, GT, TITANIUM... and seeing that Shelby will continue w/the GT500 and GT350...that's your blast from the past.