2015 Mustang

By Mike K.

I read in Newsday (Long Island newspaper) that you folks at Ford are discontinuing the current retro Mustangs in 2015.  Big Mistake.  I believe this is especially true if it is being replaced with some version of the concept car they showed in the Newsday article.  I grew up a Chevy guy but several years ago I bought a 1966 hardtop Mustang and I'm in love with it.  I want to fully restore it and be driving it for its 50th birthday in 2016.  It is a three speed, Springtime Yellow exterior, black interior and a two-barrel 289.

You want to sell a real lot of Mustangs in 2015 here is how you might do it:  the car should be the embodiment of the image of its name; a Mustang.  It should look like the strong, muscular Mustang hood emblem on the early Mustangs.  Think about it that is what the first Mustangs did and that is what all of your modern technology should allow you to do this time.  It can be radical but if it is just another cookie cutter 2015 design that performs amazingly well that would be a disgrace to the Ford Mustang heritage.

My other thought for your 2015 Mustang would be to have it even more retro than the current breed of Mustangs.  By this I mean more to the specifications of the 65-66 models.  Don't think it will work?  The bmw Mini Cooper appears to be doing pretty well.  Everything on it functional, reliable so it never breaks down, easy to fix and so that it performs so that Mr Carroll Shelby would've of wanted to take it for a little test drive.

I drive a 1997 Nissan Maxima with over 230,000 miles on it.  A really fine car.  The next car I drive I want to be a Ford Mustang.  The only question is going to be will it be a 2005-2014 model or what I hope will be a 2015 Ford Mustang that captures or surpasses the excitement the first Mustangs brought to the World's Fair when they were introduced. That is up to you folks.  Please don't settle on anything but the best; we deserve it and so do you folks at the Ford Motor Company.  Good Luck.


Mike Kardasz
Arnold R 10/15/2013
I love the idea, there's just one problem... You see Mike, you're right. Retro is a seller. Many people grew in love with the 5th Gen Mustang, so much so that it scared the little Camaros back into the garage. The only problem is that a 2015 retro mustang would look EXACTLY THE SAME as lets say a 2014 mustang, except like 15 inches smaller. (why, ford??) So retro was good, just not 2015 good.