2015 Mustang

By Rob S.

Just saw the concept 2015 Mustang in my Car & Driver. BUILD THIS CAR! It is absolutely in line with your Global concept. I have a 2008 Focus, and just got my wife a new 2012 Focus. The improvements in Styling, handling, performance and fuel economy are AMAZING (I drive it every chance I get)!

I have test driven a new Mustang, and it is a great car but if the pics I saw are any indication of where you are taking the Mustang I will find a way to buy this one! Looks like the kind of Muscle car that could really kick some "you know what"- make the boys in Europe nervous- take this Mustang GLOBAL BOYS!
RONALD M 10/19/2012
Make that the Lincolns version of a VET but with only a two seater!