2015 GT500/ Cobra/ GT350

By John N.

On the 50th anniversary of our beloved Mustang.....
please do not down size the monster motor on the top mustang.
The four or six cylinder 1964/5 Mustang is not the one that is remembered, it is the 289 (largest motor of the day)!
So on the 50th anneversary there will be a 600+ hoursepower Camaro Z28. Chrystler has confirmed they will supercharge their 6.4L (or 6.2L) for there Challanger/ (new Baracuda) @ 660+ hoursepower.
Now comes rummors the 2015 top Mustang will be "all engine" (no supercharger)... It may keep the 5.8L V8, but removing the supercharger will reduce at least 80-100 hoursepower putting the 2015 top Mustang well under or bearly at 600 hoursepower. So for the next 50 years everyone- especially the Ford detractors can talk stuff about how Ford Dropped the ball. a twin turbo 4 cylinder with 600 hoursepower is great, but will it have 620 ft. Lbs. Torque? -- Absolutly Not! Will it last 100,000 miles wound out? --Absolutly Not! I don't want a smart car- nor will I ever buy one!
700 Horse Power for the 50th Anneversary top Mustang. Thanks for listening- I'm buying!
ronjon s 02/03/2014
Twin Turbo V8 please! Do not let the challenger and Camaro beat you we need something that handles but also has Over The Top HP