2015 Ford GT

A revised Ford GT Body tweaked for better aerodynamics. MR platform. Shelby GT 500 engine. All wheel drive for better handling and off the line acceleration. Paddle shifters. A modern adjustable suspension with different modes like the 302. Luxurious Interior with an amazing sound system (including a decent sub-woofer). To compete with corvette Zr1. Offering different models and packages to compete with the Z06 and other vettes. GT>ZR1
V8Supercar 04/09/2013
lol How is the GT500 engine obsolete when it just came out in late 2012? That coyote 5.0 has been around since early 2011.
Tommy P 03/12/2013
GT-500 engine is old news and obsolete. The best engine for a new GT would be the twin turbo 302 Coyote from the Cobra Jet concept